Bike security and Safety

D-Lock - Buy one and use it at all times. Diamond standard locks now available. Flimsy cable locks can be cut through in seconds & bike thieves target these almost exclusively.

Parking - Always lock it at a designated bike rack, preferably near centre of your campus and under good lighting and CCTV.

Bike Passport - Take a photo, note down its model & serial number, wheel size and any quirks it has, mark it with your postcode to aid in its recovery if stolen & log it with Immobilise or the National Cycle Database

Bike Accidents can be Lethal - Using a helmet, front & rear light & Hi-Vis clothing when cycling at night can be real a life saver.

Take any Removable Parts - If you have quick release wheels etc always make sure you take them with you when you leave your bike locked.

Mark your bike - Enquire with your local NPT in regards any bike marking events near you. Or purchase a bike marking kit from Halfords, Bike Register hold Police preferred specification.


Want to know more?

Sold Secure - security products and advice

Secured by Design - Police preferred specification cycle products


Download your bike passport now

Fill in the details about your bike so if your bike does go missing, you have the information all ready to hand.

Snap it.

Take a photo of the bike and any identifiable parts.

Flip it.

Turn the bike upside down, most bikes have serial numbers under the crank.

Save it.

Record the number either on an app on your phone or write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Mark it.

Use a third party marking company like Bike Register which adds the bike to a National Cycle Database.

Cycle Crime Prevention - Snap it. Flip it. Save it. Mark it.

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