Who's Knocking

  • Invitation Only - Landlords and Officials from service industries will always call or send a letter before attending at your home address. Never let anyone in unless they can prove who they are. It’s your home and you can refuse entry!

  • Bogus - Thieves will attempt to get into houses by pretending to be from your landlord carrying out repairs or a utility company taking meter readings. Don’t let them pressure you into letting them in or distract you, they often work in pairs and are very believable.

  • I.D. - If they have no I.D they are not coming in!

Genuine officials from water/electricity/gas companies should all carry I.D. You can sign up for a password scheme, which means everytime a meter reader calls they have to give the password you have pre-arranged with the company. More information can be found:

Why not consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme? There are many local ones running. To find out more visit our webpages.