Using Public Transport Or Taxis

Personal Safety - Using Public Transport Or Taxis

Public transport

Travelling by public transport is normally a very safe way to travel, but here's some hints and tips in case you do experience a problem:

  • Avoid isolated bus stops; walk back or forwards to a stop that is well lit or less lonely. Carry a personal attack alarm in your hand or on your belt, never at the bottom of your handbag or briefcase.
  • If you are harassed whilst travelling on a bus or train, inform your driver who can offer assistance.
  • On an empty bus, sit near the driver.
  • On trains try to avoid sitting in compartments with only one occupant. It may be possible to choose an area of the train that you know will stop near to an exit from the platform, thereby avoiding long walks on deserted ones.
  • If you have any problems on the train or feel threatened, pull the communication cord.
  • If you are threatened or attacked use your natural instincts, scream and shout to draw attention to yourself. Break free and use your personal attack alarm.
  • Be careful when using on board Wi-Fi. Don’t send private information unless using a secure webpage (look out for https at the start of the webpage address and click on the padlock icon to see security settings.


  • If you use a taxi service on a regular basis, keep the number handy and use the same safe firm each time.
  • Always arrange the taxi in advance.
  • Ask if they have women drivers if you are a lone woman or in a group of women.
  • Give your name and address when ordering a taxi and ask them who they are collecting when they arrive. This way you know that it is the ride you expected.
  • If alone or last out, sit directly behind the driver.
  • When arriving home in a taxi, consider asking the driver to wait until you are in the house, they shouldn't mind.
  • If you do not know the taxi personally always check to ensure that it is bone fide taxi. Check both the plate on rear of the vehicle and the identification card carried by the driver. If in doubt, do not get into the vehicle.


Travel assistance cards:

Some travel companies have created travel assistance cards for you to use if you need a bit more help when using public transport, including:

Please note that West Yorkshire Police have not been involved in the creation of these cards, but have included them here for your information.


Page last reviewed January 2020