Safe Motoring

Personal Safety While out Driving

What advice can I give to family members about being safe when out driving?

  • There is no substitute for good vehicle maintenance. Most breakdowns are as a result of poor maintenance, look after your vehicle then there will be no need to carry a spare can of petrol.
  • Fit a reputable car alarm or immobiliser.
  • Join a reputable break down association.
  • Plan your journey in advance; make sure you have enough fuel.
  • For long journeys ring ahead and give your route, time of departure and approximate time of arrival.
  • Keep the vehicle doors locked when driving, the fire service have excellent equipment for dealing with locked doors. Some of the latest models of cars are fitted with devices that once the airbag inflates, the doors unlock and the windows open, so as to aid escape.
  • If you need to fill up with petrol, make sure you remove the keys from the ignition and lock the doors when going to pay.
  • Keep a small amount of change (not on view) and a phone card in the vehicle, if you don't have a mobile phone.
  • Have access to a torch and personal attack alarm.
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers; if someone approaches your vehicle open the window slightly to talk to them.
  • If someone tries to flag you down, don't stop; if you are suspicious report the incident at the next safe spot to stop.
  • Do not leave briefcases or handbags etc, on the front passenger seat. Lock them in the boot or underneath your own seat.
  • Consider carefully where you are going to park your car and what time you are likely to return to it. Will that busy street or car park be quite so busy and well lit when you return. Check the locations of Secured Car Parks.
  • When returning to your vehicle have your keys ready, if is dark check the inside with a torch.
  • Never leave any valuables on view in your vehicle, take them with you or lock them away in the boot.


Page last reviewed May 2023