Steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a simple yet effective tool to protect your vehicle. It is a visual deterrent that adds an extra layer of security to your pride and joy.

Vehicle crime is constantly evolving and offenders are increasingly using technology to gain entry into vehicles.

This is why reintroducing a steering wheel lock to your vehicle is a great ‘old school’ security measure.

When purchasing a steering wheel lock or any crime prevention product, ensure it is Sold Secure tested or Secured by Design (SBD) approved.

You will know the lock meets the Police standard if it is either:


The steering lock leaflet below contains the same information as provided on this page, and is designed for saving, or sharing on social media, and the PDF designed for printing.

Some of the steering locks available on the market**

The Disklok range steering wheel lock is Sold Secure and Secured by Design approved and tested. It caters for all cars, motor homes and light commercial vehicles.
Key features:

  • Covers entire steering wheelwhich offers superior protection
  • pins on attack to prevent the steering wheel being turned
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick lock

Milenco steering wheel locks are Sold Secure Gold Automotive tested and Secured by Design approved. It caters for cars, motor homes and commercial vehicles.
Key features:

  • Designed to exceed the SoldSecure Gold Automotive standard
  • Ultra high security lock
  • Fast and easy fitment

**Other brands are available. Check with your retailer before purchasing and ensure the lock you buy meets or exceeds the above Safety Standards



Page last reviewed February 2022.