Vehicles seized by the Police

Under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, police have the power to seize any vehicle where there is reasonable belief that the vehicle is being used without third party insurance cover or a driving licence for that class of vehicle.  If your vehicle has been seized for this reason the driver should have received a RT6 seizure notice.

The Police Officer will have also reported the driver for summons for the offences committed, or arrested, or been given a fixed penalty fine plus penalty points on their driving licence.

Once the car has been seized it will be taken to a West Yorkshire Police contracted recovery compound, where you will be charged a statutory removal charge pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Retention and Disposal of Seized Motor Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations 2008, together with daily storage charges.  Click on the link below to view the statutory charges.

Reasons why vehicles are seized.

How can I get my impounded car back?

If someone is reclaiming the vehicle on your behalf.

Provisional driving licence holders.

Police Station release process for vehicles seized for no insurance or no licence.

Recovery compound process.

Vehicles unclaimed after 14 days.

More information.




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