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To empower citizens engaged in crisis events, WyFi are leading the coordination of project ATHENA, funded under the European Commission 7th Framework Programme security themed research (Topic SEC-2012.6.1-30), which explores how the huge popularity of new communication media can be harnessed to provide efficient and effective communication and enhanced situational awareness during a crisis for citizens and first responders.

 ATHENA will deliver two major outputs;

A set of best practice guidelines for first responders and citizens for the use of new and emerging communications media, tools and technologies during crisis situations

A suite of prototype software tools to enhance the ability of first responders and citizens in their use of new media in crisis situations.

ATHENA will help citizens by joining their conversations and adding an enabling voice, giving them the information they ask for in a way they can understand. ATHENA will assist the public in targeting their actions, by directing them to the places they need to be and away from danger while identifying emergent behaviour that is beneficial to the provision of support through emergency agency resources. ATHENA will create a fundamental and permanent shift in the way crisis situations are managed.

WyFi are leading a global consortium of fourteen partners during this three year project which comes to a close iin November 2016. The consortium provides a multi-disciplinary approach from across government, academia and the private sector and includes the United Nations International Organisation for Migration (Belgium); Epidemico, Childrens Hospital Corporation, Harvard University (US); Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG), University of Virginia (US), Research in Motion, Blackberry (Canada) and the Centre of Excellence for Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC).

Next month members of the consortium will travel to Carr Gate, West Yorkshire Police’s state-of-the-art training venue, to take part in the project’s 4th and final dynamic live-play exercise. This is an opportunity for all partners involved in the Athena project to come together, along with a number of volunteers and trained public order Police officers, to test out the effectiveness of the Athena app during a real life crisis.

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Project ATHENA
This project is co-funded by the European Union
Seventh Framework Programme SEC Call 1 - FP7-SEC-2012.6.1-30