Block the Web Monsters


The Block the Web Monsters campaign has been created with the prime aim of making the public aware of the dangers existing in the online world.

No doubt many will argue that the internet has bought about many advantages which has enabled us to match the fast paced world we live in. For example the bypassing of long queues and side-stepping the process of booking appointments can be an attractive proposition that online shopping and banking respectively can offer.   

Equally it can also be argued that the internet has generated many risks and threats for the user. It has helped to increase the scale and reach of traditional crimes such as fraud, identity theft, grooming etc. It has also enabled crimes such as hacking and ransomware where computer systems are the target

As a result you have to be aware of the dangers in the online world. The Block the Web Monsters aims to do this by raising public awareness around online safety.

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Below is our guide to online safety and cyber crime.


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Don't let people take you in!Be careful with your password and pin!Don't open spam, You lose, they win!                    


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