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For non-emergencies dial 101 - In an emergency always dial 999

Request A Callback

West Yorkshire Police will always endeavour to contact you at the time you have requested, however, unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from doing this. On the rare occasion that this might happen, we will always try to contact you as close as possible to your specified time.

Visible Footprint

  1. Is there a visible footprint at the crime scene that has been left behind by the suspect(s)?

  2. Find a bucket or something similar that can be placed over the footprint to protect it from the elements, but ensure it is big enough to cover the whole print.

  3. Place the bucket over the top of the footprint.

Preserving cans, bottles, tools and cigarette butts

  1. i - Has the suspect(s) dropped a cigarette butt?

  2. ii - Has the suspect(s) left behind or dropped a bottle or can?

  3. iii - Has the suspect(s) dropped or handled any tools which are left behind at the scene?

  4. Find a plastic bag, bin liner or food bag. Two would be ideal, but one would suffice.

  5. Place one bag over you hand.

  6. Pick up the evidence in the plastic bag, trying to touch as little of it as possible.

  7. Place the item inside the second plastic bag. If only using one bag, pull the remainder of the bag over the top of the bottle/can/tool to seal the item inside.

Preserving Blood or Visible Fingerprints

  1. i - Has the suspect(s) cut themself? Is there any blood present at the scene of the crime?

  2. ii - Is there a VISIBLE fingerprint at the crime scene (perhaps on some glass or highly polished metal?)

  3. Find a clean plastic bag/food bag/bin liner (something large enough to cover the evidence). Gently place it over the top of the blood/fingerprint, making sure not to touch it yourself.

  4. Using sellotape or something similar, tape around the outside of the plastic bag, sealing the evidence inside.

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For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999