Coronavirus / COVID-19

COVID-19 remains a risk

It is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19, even if you are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 will be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future, so we need to learn to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and others.

All of us can play our part by understanding the situations where risks of COVID-19 infection and transmission are likely to be higher, and taking action to reduce these risks.

Following this guidance will help you to understand situations where there is a greater risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 and the steps that you can take to stay safe and protect others. Every action you can take to help reduce the spread will help reduce pressure on the NHS.

Read more about what you should do to continue to protect yourself and others



We need your support to help us concentrate our efforts where they are needed most - so please only call 999 if a crime is in progress or there is a threat to life.

For all other non-emergencies, please report crime online, or share information with us online using our Live Chat facility.

Please help us keep 101 for those who do not have access to the website.


Online contact methods / crime reporting

There are various methods to contact the Police, which can be done from the safety of your own home, including telephone, Live Chat and online reporting.

Our 'report it' section allows you to report minor crimes, hate crime, anti-social behaviour, as well as tracking the progress of a previously reported crime.

Likewise, you can leave a message for an officer, manage lost and found property or a manage a firearms registration.

You can also reach us via the Live Chat facility and there is contact information for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Click here to report domestic abuse online

All our contact options can be found at

Also see our Coronavirus 'Ask The Police' Frequently Asked Questions section.


Safe Spaces

If you are experiencing domestic abuse you can visit a ‘safe space’ where someone can provide you with information and support. Click here for more information and to find your nearest Safe Space.


Other non-essential services

In order to support our front line, there may be some changes to the following non-essential services for the foreseeable future :

Police and Community Together (PACT) and Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) Community Meetings


Crime prevention

While the current situation is bringing out the best in many of our communities, we may also see a rise in some specific crimes as a result of the measures brought in to combat Coronavirus:


Covid-19 Proactive Publication

This are the documents as detailed in the West Yorkshire Police COVID-19 Publication Strategy, in line with the NPCC Op Talla.

This first table shows the total offences during the period in which the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 were enforced, broken down as follows:

  • Offences (Type, Outcome, District)
  • Suspects (Type, Ethnicity, Age, Gender)
  • PND Disposal (Type, Ethnicity, Age, Gender)
  • Breaches (Type, Ethnicity, Age, Gender)
  • Arrests (Type, District, Ethnicity, Age, Gender)

The second table shows the total days absent/working abstract due to Covid-19 reasons.

Where the absence reason is ‘C19 Unconfirmed Sick Leave’, this is where the Covid sickness was not confirmed (by way of a PCR test).

Where the absence reason is ‘C19 Uncategorised Sick Leave’, this is where the full reporting process for Covid-19 absences was not followed, and therefore was not recorded in the correct category. The individual may have been off due to Self-Isolation or Covid-19 sickness.


Page last updated April 2023.

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