Cyber Christmas Card Competition 2018

Update: Thursday 6th December 2018

We had a great response from children around West Yorkshire with nearly 100 entries received!

T/CC John Robins had the hard task on Monday of selecting the overall winner from all those entries, as well as picking the winners in each of the age categories (under 11yo and 12-16yo).

The winning design was by Isabella Hindle from Honley, who came up with a great design around safe social media.

This design will be used as the Force's official Christmas card design. Isabella also won some great prizes which were sponsored by Sky.

The winners of each age categories were Milly Tate from Bradford (under 11's winner) and Arissa Ali from Halifax (12-16yo winner).


Budding young artists are being offered the opportunity to see their festive artwork used as the official West Yorkshire Police Christmas card.

We are launching a competition on Monday October 29, 2018, for children aged 16 and under, to design a cyber safety theme for the Force's corporate Christmas card.

All entries must be hand-drawn and must be received by the closing date of Friday November 30, 2018 (any entries received after the closing date will not be counted).

As well as seeing their design as the Force Christmas card cover, there are also other fantastic prizes being offered (see further down this page for the prizes on offer!).

This year’s theme will be encouraging parents and teachers to ensure kids are using trusted, safe and secure, online platforms, and being aware of the dangers of using illicit platforms which can risk inappropriate content and virus attacks etc.

Children are asked to design a hand drawn Christmas card on one of the following themes:

  • Safe streaming (ensuring they are using legal film and music sites etc)
  • Safe social media
  • Safe internet browsing
  • Strong passwords
  • Cyber bullying
  • Online shopping

Entries can be submitted by post only, and must be sent to the following address:

West Yorkshire Police
Corporate Communications - Christmas Card Competition
PO Box 9

We also need the following details written on the back of the entry:

  • Full name of entrant
  • Date of birth
  • Home address (including postcode)
  • Home phone number
  • Email address
  • Name of parent/guardian who gives permission
  • Name of school
  • Address of school (including postcode)

Failure to include any of the above details will mean the entry is not valid. By submitting an entry, applicants are confirming that permission has been given by a parent or guardian to the terms and conditions of the competition.

We will be posting updates on the competition on our social media sites, using #WYPChristmasComp

Competition officially opens on Monday October 29, 2018, and the final day for entries to be received is Friday November 30, 2018.


Sky Logo

This year our Christmas card competition is kindly sponsored by Sky, who have supplied some fantastic prizes for our winners!

In association with Sky we are promoting staying safe online and in particular safe streaming.

The risks of illegal downloading

The ability to download music and films on demand and share information is a great benefit of the internet, but keep the following in mind:

  • Check what your children are downloading as the film and music industry monitor the internet for people downloading illegal content, and you could be held responsible for any illegal downloads your children make
  • By downloading material from illegal sites, children risk downloading viruses or spyware at the same time. They can also be downloaded from emails, pop-ups or sharing files as well as USB drives and connected devices
  • Bloatware, trojans, malware and worms can also be downloaded. These can do anything from taking control of your computer to slowing your device down
  • Phishing and pharming are ways of getting hold of private information, either by sending emails pretending to be a genuine organisation such as a bank or building society or sending you to copies of genuine websites
  • File-sharing websites usually need special software. If your children are using one to download illegal material you may find a related icon on the desktop.

How can I ensure my child accesses content safely?

Talk to your children about how to download safely and legally, and help them understand why it’s important to keep the computer free from viruses:

  • Make it clear that it’s illegal to download most films, songs and games without paying for them
  • Research any download site your child is using and check it’s legal and trustworthy
  • Point your children to legal, secure sites where they can buy music and films etc. You can limit the amount they spend by getting them gift cards for a particular sum
  • Look into recognised legal websites which allows unlimited streaming
  • Check your child’s computer and device internet histories regularly for signs of illegal activity. A total lack of internet history may also be a sign of illegal activity
  • If an attachment seems suspicious, check with the person who sent it and scan it with appropriate antivirus software before opening it. Some software provides a list of reputable sources for downloading as well as flagging those known for harmful content
  • Check your bank accounts and all bills you receive for any signs of identity theft.

Safe live streaming - eg - Facebook live, YouTube, Periscope etc

  • When going live, make sure the video is set to broadcast to Friends or Followers only. Otherwise, the general public can see the live-feed. There are even public live-feed maps.
  • Turn off the location services on the camera, program, or app so people can’t see exactly where you or your stream is located.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, people in the background that might not want to be broadcasted, or of anyone doing something inappropriate.
  • Keep in mind that you are sharing your video with potentially a lot of people, and it is being recorded. Be careful what you say and do so that you don’t offend or embarrass anyone (yourself, your kids, your family).
  • Make sure what is being broadcasted is legal and safe to do. You can’t go to a concert or movie and just start broadcasting. Broadcasting while driving or distracted can be deadly.
  • Learn how to delete or save the video when you are done live streaming. But remember, nothing can ever truly be deleted from the Internet, and someone may have captured your video.
  • Take a few minutes before you start broadcasting to read the app instructions on how to properly and safely use the program. Technology constantly changes, and updates and improvements are always being made, so refresh yourself before using these programs.
  • Be wary of any private message during or after a live stream. Only accept messages from people you know and if you are in any doubt tell a parent or person you trust.


Christmas Card Competition


 For more information on staying safe online, visit our Block the Webmonsters pages.



Prizes as below:

Overall winner (from all entries submitted)

  • Design is used as the official West Yorkshire Police Force Christmas Card
  • Flat Screen 22in TV (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • NOW TV Stick (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • NOW TV card (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • The winners school class will receive a input from West Yorkshire Police on Cyber crime
  • £400 sponsorship for the winner’s school to fund a cyber-related after-school club (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)

11 year old and under winner

  • NOW TV Stick (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • 2x £5 Kids TV cards (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • The winners school class will receive a input from West Yorkshire Police on Cyber crime
  • £400 sponsorship for the winner’s school to fund a cyber-related after-school club (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)

12 year old - 16 year old winner

  • NOW TV Stick (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • Movies TV cards (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)
  • The winners school class will receive a input from West Yorkshire Police on Cyber crime
  • £400 sponsorship for the winner’s school to fund a cyber-related after-school club (supplied by Sky via sponsorship)

10 additional runners up prizes of a NOW TV Smart Stick and subscription to either movies or kids TV voucher (supplied by Sky via sponsorship). 

The overall winner will be announced on social media on Thursday 6th of December. All other winners will be announced afterwards. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • All entries must be hand drawn Christmas cards and fit the themes set around cyber security only.
  • All entrants must be under 16 years old at date of entry and must currently live in West Yorkshire. They must also go to school in West Yorkshire area.
  • Entries can be submitted by post only.
  • The winners will be decided by the Chief Constable after the closing date.
  • The main winning entry will be the Force’s official Christmas card for 2018.
  • The winning design may also be used on the Force website and social media accounts.
  • Other submitted entries may also feature on the Force website and social media accounts.
  • Any submissions cannot be returned to sender
  • Designs, name and age of all entries will be displayed on the Force’s digital platforms
  • All entrants must obtain parental consent to enter the competition.
  • West Yorkshire Police will have the right to amend and reproduce any submitted design
  • The winning entry, name, age and a photo of the winning entrant will be displayed on the Force website and released to media.
  • The physical and monetary prizes are provided and paid for via sponsorship from Sky. West Yorkshire Police to provide cyber inputs into schools from our dedicated Cyber Teams in force.
  • No alternate prizes or money will be offered.
  • Corporate Communications have the right to discount any entries that contain inappropriate images or language, or do not fit with the ‘Cyber’ theme
  • The winning entrant must submit written parental consent prior to publicity.
  • West Yorkshire Police will contact the winner's school to arrange the sponsorship grant to fund the after school club.
  • Cyber teams to contact the winners' schools to arrange the cyber inputs at a date/time to suit all.