Chapel Allerton PACT Meetings and Contact Points 2019

Police and Communities Together (PACT)

Police and Communities Together or PACT, is the name we give to make sure you have a say and involvement in how your Local Neighbourhood is policed.

Chapel Allerton PACT meetings are held at Chapel Allerton Methodist Centre, Town Street, Leeds LS7 4PQ AT 19.00.

Dates are below as follows:

5th of November 2019

18th of December 2019


Contact Points are held at the Reginald Centre (Joint Services Centre) on Chapeltown Road.

Dates are below as follows:

24th of October 2019

14th of November 2019

5th of December 2019

All contact points are held between 10.00 and 13.00




The PACT process gives you the change to speak to your Neighbourhood Policing Team to have a say on how your Neighbourhood is policed and monitor our performance.

During the PACT meeting you can tell your Neighbourhood Policing Team what issues concerns you, ask them questions about how we are policing your area. We will then decide which policing priorities we will concentrate on based on your concerns and questions.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will report back to the next meeting with progress on solving your issues-sometimes working with other agencies to achieve this.

Contact Points are more informal and one to one if people don't wish to speak in an open room with other members of the public present.

We look forward to meeting you all.