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The primary objectives of the West Yorkshire Police Firearms Licensing department are to;

  • Protect public safety by preventing foreseeable or avoidable harm
  • Deliver an efficient licensing process that is proportionate, rigorous, cost effective, fair and timely
  • Provide a fair and transparent service to the public

The department is responsible for issuing just short of 14,000 certificates for firearms, shotguns and explosives to residents within West Yorkshire. We also provide information and advice for police officers and members of the public relating to the lawful ownership of firearms.

The department aims to deal with all applications in accordance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA) as below. Please note that at times of high demand, or impromptu circumstances, this agreement could be revised. If you require your certificate before a specific date, for example when renewing your certificate, we encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to give us sufficient time to process it by that date.



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Service Level Agreement

Please note that the department are currently reviewing our service level agreement and will update this page once an agreement is in place.


 Grant of a new certificate  12 weeks
 Renewal of an existing certificate  12 weeks
 Variations   3 weeks
 All other requests  As advised


Under current circumstances new applications are taking approximately 12 weeks

Please note that timescales for applications are dependent on there being no errors in the application (such as missing information, a failure to complete the declaration, or making an application at short notice) and there being no issues or concerns that require us to carry out additional work, such as further medical enquiries, or us speaking to another force or agency.



Renewal reminder letters are sent out approximately fourteen weeks prior to the expiry of your certificate(s). This may seem a long time, however experience has shown we need this amount of time to ensure we have received everything we need to process your application and address any errors, issues or missing information.  Providing a correctly completed application is received within the given timescale of twelve weeks and there are no concerns regarding your continued suitability, your renewed certificate(s) will be issued before the expiry of the old certificate(s).



Cheques & postal orders should be made payable to “PCC West Yorkshire”

N.B. We cannot accept cash payments.

Payments can be made via debit/credit card over the telephone. If you would like to pay in this manner, please leave a note with your application and an officer will be in touch to take the required card details once your application has arrived.

 Firearms Certificate Issue  £88.00
 Firearms Certificate Renewal  £62.00
 Firearms Certificate Replacement  £4.00
 Shotgun Certificate Issue  £79.50
 Shotgun Certificate Renewal  £49.00
 Shotgun Certificate Replacement  £4.00
 Coterminous Certificate Issue  £90.00
 Coterminious Certificate Renewal  £65.00
 Variation (not for like)  £20.00
 Visitor Permit - each  £20.00
 Visitor Permit - group (6-20)  £100.00 
 Home Office Club Approval  £84.00
 Registered Firearms Dealer Issue  £200.00
 Registered Firearms Dealer - register in new area for trade show  £13.00
 Firearms Museum Licence   £200.00



The following statutory forms must be printed and physically signed. Once complete, please post them to the address below.


Form ER4 - Grant and renewal of an explosives certificate - Business - Individual or corporate body
Form ER4a - Grant of an explosives certificate - For use in a Firearm or shotgun
Form ER4b - Renewal of an explosives certificate - For use in a Firearm or shotgun
Form 107 - Application for a visitor's firearm or shotgun permit
Form 107 - Application for a visitor's firearm or shotgun permit (continuation form)
Form 116 - Application for registration as a Firearms Dealer
Form 116a - Notification by a Registered Firearms Dealer of a Place of Business not already entered in the register
Form 201 - Application for the grant and renewal of a firearm and/or shotgun certificate
Form 201V – Application to vary a firearm certificate


Form 201v

If you are submitting a variation for a firearm certificate as a target shooter, in the reason box found in section 13 of the form, please state the discipline(s) for which the firearm is requested (such as prone, single shot precision, gallery, practical shotgun, etc.) as this will save us from coming back to you for this information.

One for one variations are free of charge (providing the application is received within 7 days of sale) however if you would like to add any additional authorities this will cost £20 per application.


Have you purchased or sold a firearm? Have you moved house? Click here for our online notification forms. 


Click here to read security advice from BASC and the National Crime Agency.


Contact Us

In an emergency always dial 999!

Firearms Licensing Department
West Yorkshire Police
PO Box 9

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01924 292310, 292312, 292330

Fax: 01924 292236

Telephone hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 1000 - 1500 hours

Find us on Twitter - @WYP_FirearmsLic


Learn more about Firearms Licensing on GOV.UK

Application Fees


The attached document is a letter from the Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Andy Marsh who is the national policing lead for Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group. It is addressed to all firearms certificate holders. Please click here to view the letter.


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