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Latest Guidelines & Information

  • Please be advised if you are leaving a voicemail message to ensure you leave your contact details, be that a telephone number or email address, as your number will not automatically be stored making it impossible to contact you back
  • Please be aware that if you are disposing of a firearm or shotgun at a Police Station, we ask that you still inform Firearms Licensing via the below link. This will ensure we receive the correct details of the gun as it appears on your certificate and our records.

Click here for our online notification forms 


  • From 1st November 2021 “Firearms Licensing : Statutory Guidance for Chief Officers of Police” requires all applications for grant/renewal of firearms and shotgun certificates and registrations as a Firearms Dealer to be accompanied with a medical proforma. This should be completed  and signed by your GP or other GMC registered doctor.
  • This proforma is included in the application form 201 for firearms and shotgun certificates and form 116 applications for a registered firearms dealer.
  • All information is incorporated within the notes of the application forms.
  • Any application received that does not include the medical proforma is not a complete application and will be returned.
  • If it is a renewal application then this may lead to delays in renewing certificates and could result in you being required to lodge your firearms with a registered firearms dealer or in the case of shotguns with either a registered firearms dealer or a current certificate holder who has sufficient capacity to accommodate them.
  • Renewal reminders are sent out 16 weeks before the expiry date of certificate and you are advised to make the necessary arrangements to complete the medical proforma as soon as possible.


  • Please be aware that when applying for the grant or renewal of a firearm or shotgun certificate we would request you complete the non mandatory social media accounts declaration and submit with the application form 201.


  • Please be aware of the recent changes to the Law on Antique Firearms.If this affects you please refer to the attached word document, as guidance from the Home Office.


  • Please be aware that we are experiencing some issues with the National Licensing database, specifically with printing conditions and authorities on Firearms Certificates. This may mean that you have recently received a new certificate that is missing key information. Please check your recent certificates and email the department if you have been affected by this issue.  


  • With regard to Grant applications, we will contact you for payment by debit/credit card. The Grant process will then currently take a minimum of 20 weeks.
  • There is no requirement, during this time, to contact us for an update, as a Firearms Enquiry Officer will be in contact to arrange the home interview.


  • For Variation applications, there is no requirement to send your Firearm Certificate with the application (201v). The Variation process will take a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Where a fee is applicable we will contact you for payment, once your application has been approved. In all cases we will contact you at the point of approval to arrange the return of your current certificate, in order for the approved variation(s) to be applied. There is no requirement to contact us during this time. 


  • We are no longer able to accept cheques for payment of applications. All payments will now be taken by credit / debit card.
  • Once we receive your application we will phone you for payment. If you have not been contacted within 4 working days of submitting your application (not variations) please contact the department. A delay in receiving payment may result in a delay in processing your application.


  • Our telephone lines default to voicemail and please leave a contact number with your message. We recommend contact via [email protected] both are monitored between 8am - 3pm (Mon - Fri)


About us

The Department is responsible for issuing just short of 14,000 certificates for firearms, shotguns and explosives to residents within West Yorkshire. We also provide information and advice for Police Officers, Police Staff and members of the public relating to the lawful ownership of firearms.

The primary objectives of the West Yorkshire Police Firearms Licensing Department are to

  • Protect public safety by preventing foreseeable or avoidable harm;
  • Deliver an efficient licensing process that is proportionate, rigorous, cost effective, fair and timely;
  • Provide a fair and transparent service to the public.


Firearms Licensing Application Forms and Fees

To apply for a firearm or shotgun certificate, please read the below information carefully.

Download and print the appropriate statutory form from the 'Forms' section below and make sure you physically sign it. Please use the following check list before sending:

  • Have you enclosed one photograph?
  • Do not enclose payment in the form of cheques or postal order as these are no longer accepted. WE will contact you for a card payment when we receive your application
  • Have you completed the application form?

Please note, the photograph provided must be a recent photograph and of a true likeness. If your application is not fully complete, it will be returned to you with a compliment slip. This will delay the grant or renewal process.


Please send all correspondence to:

Firearms Licensing Department
West Yorkshire Police
PO Box 9


*PLEASE NOTE, we no longer accept cheques or postal orders as payment* 

Payments can be made via debit/credit card over the telephone.

Please note, we cannot accept cash payments.

Once we receive your application (grants & renewals only) we will phone you for payment. If you have not been contacted within 4 working days of submitting your application, please contact the department. A delay in receiving payment may result in a delay in processing your application.

Type of Certificate Cost in £

Grant of Firearm Certificate


Renewal of Firearm Certificate


Grant of Shotgun Certificate


Renewal of Shotgun Certificate


Co-terminous Grant of Shotgun and Firearm Certificates


Co-terminous Renewal of Shotgun and Firearm Certificates


Co-terminous Grant of Shotgun Certificate and Renewal of Firearm Certificate


Co-terminous Grant of Firearm Certificate and Renewal of Shotgun Certificate


Grant / Renewal of Registered Firearms Dealer


Individual Visitors’ Permit


Group of Visitors’ Permit (groups of six or more)


Grant of Game Fairs


Replacement Certificate


Firearms Variation (not like for like)




Many of the Firearms forms available below are loaded on to our website as PDF documents, some are also Word documents. Some of these documents may not be fully accessible to those using assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Please read our Accessibility Statement for information about accessible documents and how to request documents in an alternative format.


Please note, if you are submitting a Form 201V to vary firearm certificate as a target shooter, in the good reason box found in Section 13 of the form, please state the discipline(s) for which the firearm is requested (such as prone, single shot precision, gallery, practical shotgun, etc.) as this will save us from coming back to you for this information.

One for one variations are free of charge (providing the application is received within 7 days of sale). However, if you would like to add any additional authorities this will cost £20 per application.












Contact Us

In an emergency, always dial 999!

The Firearms Licensing Department work Monday - Friday. You can contact us in one of the following ways:



Firearms Licensing Department
West Yorkshire Police
PO Box 9



[email protected]

Where possible please use email as the preferred method of contact



01924 292310, 292312, 292330

Our telephone lines are currently on voicemail to accept non urgent calls. Please leave a voicemail message and will contact you Mon - Fri between 8am and 3pm 



You can find us on Twitter for updates and useful information: @WYP_FirearmsLic

Have you purchased or sold a firearm? Have you moved house? Click here for our online notification forms 


Click here to read security advice from BASC and the National Crime Agency.


Learn more about Firearms Licensing on GOV.UK

Application Fees


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