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  • Please note that the number of people attending hearings will be limited due to operational reasons.
  • You will be notified by email if your application to attend has been accepted.  If you do not receive a reply, your application to attend has been unsuccessful.  There is no right of appeal against this decision.
  • All hearings will be live streamed to Havertop Police Station, Havertop Lane, Normanton, WF6 1FD. 
  • There are limited car parking spaces. Members of the public attending the hearing are expected to do so at their own expense.  Food and drink will not be available to purchase at Havertop Police Station.
  • Food and drink will not be allowed to be consumed in the hearing room.  However, there will be a break in proceedings at the discretion of the Chairperson.
  • The live streaming of hearings is subject to change and all or part of the hearing may be held in private. Where the decision is taken that a hearing will be held in private, the website will be updated and the application process terminated. Those who have already applied to attend will not automatically be updated.
  • On attending at Havertop Police station you should report to the Public Enquiry Desk. You will be asked to provide valid photographic identification (passport, driving licence).  You will not be allowed to attend the hearing if you fail to provide valid identification.
  • Anyone attending a misconduct hearing will be/may be subject to a security search as a condition of entry. Sharp objects or blades will not be permitted. Police will retain the authority to seize any article found during a search which may cause harm to any person.
  • The taking of photographs and the use of film or sound recording equipment during the hearing is prohibited.  The use of social media within the hearing room is prohibited. If you fail to comply with these requests you will be asked to leave the room immediately.
  • West Yorkshire Police have the right to exclude from the hearing any person whose behaviour is disrupting the orderly conduct of proceedings. West Yorkshire Police expect to be dealt with in a fair, decent and equitable manner and any behaviour that constitutes a deviation from this will result in you being asked to leave. 
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