Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Application - Clare's Law

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS), also known as “Clare’s Law”, enables the police to disclose information to a victim or potential victim of domestic abuse about their partner’s or ex-partner’s previous abusive or violent offending.

Under the scheme an individual or a relevant third party (for example, a family member) can ask the police to check whether a current or ex-partner has a violent or abusive past. If records show that an individual may be at risk of domestic abuse from a partner or ex-partner, the police will consider disclosing the information.

Once you submit your application, the police will conduct initial checks and make contact with you to arrange a face to face meeting.  This is to establish further information, for example more details about the nature of your relationship and for you to provide proof of identity. 

We will only contact you when you say it is safe to do so and we will use the most appropriate method of communication, unless there is an urgent need to protect you from harm.

Following the face to face meeting, the information will be discussed in a multi-agency meeting to determine whether a disclosure should be made. 

Any disclosure will be made to the person who is in the best position to safeguard and protect you from harm.  If there is no disclosure to be made you will also be notified of the outcome.

Further information on Clare’s Law can be found here.

For information on domestic abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour, and for a list of support agencies, please click here.


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If an incident of domestic abuse is ongoing, you should report it over the phone by dialling 999 immediately.  If possible go to a place of safety, for example a room with a lock on the door.

You can contact the Police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling

  • 999 – in an emergency – if a crime is in progress or there is a danger to life
  • 101 – for non-emergencies

The form will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and it is therefore important that you allow time for this if you feel that reporting your situation to us may put you in harms way.

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Is a crime currently in progress - or is there a threat to life?
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Is your Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme application relating to someone living within the West Yorkshire Police area?
West Yorkshire Police is only able to accept a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme application for someone living within the West Yorkshire Police area.

For an application for someone living outside of West Yorkshire please contact the local Police Force in their area. Other Police Forces may have different methods for requesting information under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme.

Please click here to find an alternative Force area and for alternative Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme application methods.