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Welcome to the West Yorkshire Police Partnership Intelligence Portal Account Registration Form. This form allows organisations to apply for access to the West Yorkshire Police Partnership Intelligence Reporting Portal. This system is not for use by the general public.

Please complete all the fields below and once done press submit.

Once your account access has been setup you will receive an email confirming your account access and providing you with a username and further instructions on how to access the portal.

You will receive a copy of this request form via email to the personal email address you have provided.

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An account will not be set up under an individual's personal email address, we need a shared mailbox / group email address to permit multiple users, in your organisation/team, access to your account. You will be asked for this email address in the section below.

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Please provide an email address to set your account up.

A shared mailbox / group email address is required in order for us to set up your account. Personal email accounts for individual users will not be considered. 

Note : you will need access this shared mailbox / group email address in order to receive the password on registration - or if you need to reset your password.

For details of how West Yorkshire Police use your data, please see the Privacy Information Notice.