Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme Application - Sarah's Law

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (CSODS), whilst not law, is often referred to as Sarah’s Law. The scheme gives members of the public – whether they are a parent, carer, guardian or another interested party – a formal mechanism to make enquiries about individuals who are in contact with children.

If Police checks show that the individual has a record for child sexual offences, or other offences that might put the child at risk, the Police will consider sharing this information with the person(s) best placed to protect the child, usually the parent, carer or guardian.  

Any person can make an application about a person (the subject) who has some form of contact with a child/children. Therefore, the applicant could be a grandparent, neighbour or friend. This is to ensure any safeguarding concerns are thoroughly investigated. 

Once you submit your application, the police will conduct initial checks and make contact with you to arrange a face to face meeting. This is to establish further information, for example more details about the subject and for you to provide proof of identity.

Any disclosure will only be made to the parent, guardian or carer best placed to protect the child or children. Any third party making the application would not necessarily receive disclosure if they were not best placed to protect the child or children.

If there is no disclosure to be made you will also be notified of the outcome.

The information you receive is strictly confidential and legal action may be taken if it is disclosed to anyone else. If there is immediate or imminent risk of harm to the child this will be dealt with urgently. If there is no immediate risk, the whole process will be complete within 45 days, unless it is extended due to exceptional circumstances.

Further information on Sarah’s Law can be found here.

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