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FOI 1726908/23

Please provide the following; 
1. Confirmation of whether or not you have adopted the NPCC guidance, approved Dec 2021, on transgender officers being able to strip search members of the opposite sex. 
2. If not yet adopted, the date you anticipate it will be implemented by. 

Yes, West Yorkshire Police have adopted the recent guidance provided by the NPCC into our Trans and Non-Binary People Policy. 

3. What consultation (specifying which groups) has been carried out as part of the (potential) implementation process 

Please see the below list of groups that were consulted as part of this process:

•    Staff Associations
•    Human Resources Senior Leadership Team
•    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (2018)
•    WYP LGBT Network and Staff
•    Benchmarking with similar size forces
•    National PNC Users Group
•    WYP PNC & Niche Teams re processing 
•    Force Solicitors
•    Unions and The Federation

4.Date and copy of any equality impact assessment carried out as part of this process 

West Yorkshire Police do not hold any information in relation to the above. An Equality Impact Assessment was not completed as part of this process.

5. Copy of your transgender staff / search policy 

Please see the following link for the requested information - Microsoft Word - Trans and non-binary people (

6. Confirm what your policy will be with regard to any person objecting to a strip search by an officer who they believe is of the opposite sex - confirm whether this will be recorded as a hate crime/non-crime hate incident 
7. Confirm what your policy will be with regard to female officers/staff being required to strip search natal males, and whether you will support them not having to carry out these as part of their duties where the individual requires a female officer/staff. 
For clarity, I require this information in respect of; 
A. Searches outside of the formal custody office setting, usually referred to as 'street searches' and 
B. Searches in the formal custody office setting.

This information is contained within the above linked policy.