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FOI 1736337/23

Please provide the following information: 
1. The number of times NPAS aircraft have landed away from their bases/airfields for operational reasons, including but not exclusive to: 
- First Aid 
- Arrests 

NPAS Aircrafts have performed 1,076 ad hoc landings since current records began in 2015.

Ad hoc landings are landings made away from any NPAS base or other designated airfield or landing site. These have been for a number of different reasons, which include first aid and arrests.
2. The number of arrests made each of the last five years by NPAS Tactical Flight Officers while on duty with NPAS.        

West Yorkshire Police do not hold any information in relation to this aspect of your request. 

Arrests made by NPAS Tactical Flight Officers will be recorded by the force where the arrest took place.