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FOI 1781655/23

1. How many police stations does your force have? 

West Yorkshire Police currently has 28 police stations and several more ancillary/support, office and special function buildings.

2. Between 1 September 2013 and 1 September 2023, how many police stations has your force been made aware may contain reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), and on what date were concerns first raised? 
West Yorkshire Police were first made aware of the RAAC material in 2021, at which point 28 buildings (police stations and support buildings) where identified as potentially having this material. 

Of these 28, nine were discounted due to the construction and building fabric used (houses and truss roofs etc)

2A) In how many of these buildings have further investigations into RAAC been carried out? 

As per the above, 19 buildings then went on to be investigated. None were found to contain any RAAC material.

2B) How many of these buildings are still deemed potentially unsafe?