Full list of online forms

Need to contact the police? Click here for our contact methods - or use one of the online forms listed below.

Accident (road traffic collision)

Anti-social behaviour reporting form

Application to attend a misconduct hearing form

Bikes / off road bikes (nuisance) reporting form

Car accident (road traffic collision)

Charity collection licences

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (Sarah’s Law)

Civil Disputes

Clare's Law - Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Application

Collision Report (Request)

Complaints against the police form

Compliment the Police form

Criminal damage reporting form

Dash Cam Footage - Safer Roads Submissions Portal

Domestic abuse advice

Domestic abuse reporting form

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Application (Clare's Law)

Drink / drug driving reporting form

Drug use / drug dealing reporting form

Firearm purchased online form

Firearm sold online form

Firearms licensing form – change of address form

Foreign Nationals Registration Scheme

Found property


Freedom of information - disclosure log

Freedom of information - request form (NON personal data)

Get a crime update - track the status of a previously reported crime

Hate crime reporting form

KIN - become a member of the Key Individual Network

Leave an officer a message form

Live Chat

Lost property

Nuisance bikes / quad bikes / off roaders reporting form

Nuisance / obstructive parking reporting form

Off roaders (nuisance) reporting form

Police Officer recruitment - expression of Interest 'talent bank' form

Quad bikes (nuisance) reporting form

Register a firearm or amend a registration

Register as an overseas visitor (Foreign Nationals Registration)

Report my loss

Request a Collision Report

Request for the right to delete, rectify or object to data held by West Yorkshire Police Request Form

Request your data

Ride Along Scheme (Stop and Search Ride Along Scheme)

Right of Access Request Form

Road traffic collision (road accident)

Safer Roads Submissions Portal - upload footage of a road traffic incident

Sarah's Law - Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

Stop and Search Ride Along Scheme

Suspicious behaviour reporting form


Theft of / theft from reporting form

Upload footage of a road traffic incident - Safer Roads Submissions Portal

Victims Right to Review / (VRR) form

Weapon / firearm purchased online form

Weapon / firearm sold online form