Halloween Safety Advice

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the festivities over Halloween and bonfire night.

However, not everyone wants to take part and Halloween can leave some people feeling anxious. We have created two differently coloured posters which can be downloaded below to display in your home if you do not want trick or treaters at your door.

Local officers will be working in their local communities to tackle and reduce anti-social behaviour.

If you see this poster in someone's window, please, respect their wishes and move on to the next house. 

For bonfire and firework safety advice, please click here for our bonfire / firework safety information or visit the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service website.

No trick or treaters poster - white background orange text (PNG)
No trick or treaters poster - orange background white text (PNG)

Flour and Eggs Poster PDF  |  Flour and Eggs Poster PNG.

Artwork courtesy of Essex Police.


Page last reviewed October 2021.

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