Mindful Employer

Here at West Yorkshire Police, we recognise the importance positive mental health and as part of our commitment to support the mental wellbeing of all our Officers and Staff we have renewed our commitment to the Mindful Employer Charter. 

The Charter is not an accreditation, award or a set of quality standards – it is completely voluntary. It is a set of aspirations. Signing the Charter display’s our commitment to the mental wellbeing of all our employees and improving their working lives.


What support is in place at West Yorkshire Police to support positive mental health? 

At West Yorkshire police, we have a range of different services/schemes in place, which aim to enable employees to access the support they need and have positive mental health. 

Some of these include: 

  • The Employee Assistance Programme - a confidential service that provides all employees with complimentary access to a complete support network that offers expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7, both online (educational resources, webinars, health trackers/plans, articles from industry leading experts) and over the telephone (advice, guidance, listening).  The service is confidential and allows people to speak with a qualified professional about matters such as; stress and anxiety, family issues, work related issue, debt problems and other legal matters. 
  • Occupational Health - Occupational Health Advisors, Screening Nurses and Doctors who are qualified are able to support individuals, give advice and refer employees for clinical interventions where appropriate. 
  • Peer Support - we have trained Peer Supporters who are a friendly face and available to listen to all employees confidentially and non-judgementally. Peer Supporters are an informal, accessible resource that can offer support in the short term by signposting to professional expertise.
  • Trauma Risk Incident Management - this is not a clinical intervention, a form of counselling or treatment. It is a peer delivered system, which is provided through trained practitioners. The training helps peers to understand likely reactions to traumatic incidents and conduct structured risk assessments, aiming to identify people needing early referral to qualified medical support. 
  • Police Chaplaincy - we have a team of Chaplains, who are volunteers available in and amongst our workforce. They can support employees and their families in range of circumstances. Often they have lived experience of the role of Police officer and can offer support and help through difficult times. 

Read more about the Mindful Employer scheme here.

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