Are you ready to be a Police Officer?

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There are two entry routes to becoming a Police Officer :

Read more and watch our videos of real officers talking about their job, to find out what it takes to join West Yorkshire Police :

It’s a big decision, joining the police family. So you’ll need to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Are you someone who thrives on two days never being the same?
  • Will you run towards danger instead of away from it?
  • Are you prepared to stand for hours in the rain protecting a crime scene as well as catching the criminal?
  • Are you willing to spend longer on the paperwork than you are on the beat?
  • Are you ready to be given a mouthful of abuse from the very person you are trying to protect? Are you a problem solver, a challenger, a motivator?
  • Do you like to work as part of family team, with a bit of banter and make friends for life?
  • Are you up to working for a force that’s ambitious and aspirational?

If the answer is yes then you are ready to join West Yorkshire Police.

Being a police officer is fulfilling as well as challenging and two days really never are the same. On any given shift you could be carrying out a search warrant, arresting a drug dealer or being a reassuring face to a victim of domestic abuse. Your next shift you could be patrolling a public event, interviewing a suspect in custody or collecting vital evidence.

Policing is not purely about enforcement, your communication skills and ability to build relationships with the public will be key. You will need to be caring and compassionate as you will be dealing with victims of crime, witnesses and vulnerable members of our community. In a fast paced environment you will need to be prepared for the unexpected and stay calm under pressure, making split second decisions.

We are committed to creating a workforce that better represents the communities we serve to ensure we can respond to, and meet the needs of, our local communities.

Once you’re part of the family there are so many opportunities to progress through the ranks or specialise in an area of policing that interests you. You could become a detective, join our firearms or roads policing units or one of our public protection teams.

Wherever you decide to take your career, we will support you and help you develop to be the best officer you can be. Your development starts from day one and our training programme will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective police officer.

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Not for you?

If you’ve decided that being a Police Officer isn’t for you, but you are still interested in a career with West Yorkshire Police, why not take a look at the other opportunities available.


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West Yorkshire Police encourages applications to be representative of the communities it serves. Read our Equality in Employment page.

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