Police Officers

Interested? We want to hear from YOU!

Details of the next recruitment window for police officers will be announced on this page first. Keep checking...!

...However, don't go away just yet, because we want to hear from you.

Register your interest now

  • If you're interested in the next round of Police Officer recruitment, please register your interest here. That way we will have your details and can contact you nearer the time of the next campaign window.

What to do next?

  • Study all the information on this website - watch the videos recorded by our police officers and new recruits. 
  • Get a quick overview by reading the "recruitment basics
  • Then get down to the detail in the advice within the "Selection Process" pages.
  • Many applicants ask about vetting so we have published some vetting FAQs along with a video on the "Vetting FAQs" page.
  • Best of all, talk to police officers about the job, the inevitable lows - to the tremendous highs. Policing can be an amazing challenge!



Positive Action Recruitment

West Yorkshire Police encourages applications to be representative of the communities it serves. Read our Equality in Employment page.



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