Recruitment Process

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The recruitment process is the same for applicants.

The process can take up to 12 months to complete, dependant on the applicant.

Please scroll down the page - some of the sections listed have accompanying videos.

Application Form

  • Submit your application form online when the recruitment window opens.


Eligibility Checks

  • Your application form will be checked to make sure you have the required qualifications and eligibility to apply.


Initial Sift

  • This consists of two exercises; a situational judgement test and a behavioural style questionnaire. 


Online Assessment Centre

  • This consists of three exercises; a competency based video interview, a written exercise and a briefing exercise.


Fitness Test

  • This includes a running ‘bleep test’. Applicants must pass level 5.4. Watch the video below.
  • This level of fitness will need to be maintained and will be tested regularly throughout your training and career.



  • This will be a competency and values based face-to-face interview.


Medical Assessment


Security Vetting


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Page last reviewed February 2024.