Police Support Volunteers (PSV)

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Have you got what it takes to become a Police Volunteer in the 21st Century?

The Force defines a Police Support Volunteer as:

“An individual with no police powers who, through personal choice, gives time and energy to perform tasks for West Yorkshire Police without expectation or receipt of compensation, except for reimbursement of agreed out of pocket expenses.”

You must be at least 18 years old and there is no upper age limit. You must have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 years before applying.  We currently have several PSVs in their 80s.  Your role as a Police Support Volunteer should take account of your skills and abilities and these should be used to maximise our organisational performance and capabilities. Areas in which volunteers already perform are:

  • Assisting with minor investigative work;
  • Help desk support, e.g. telephone answering, public reception;
  • Opening police offices, community points and one stop shops;
  • Supporting CCTV operators at times of high demand and monitoring CCTV tapes;
  • Divisional administration, e.g. clerical tasks including filing, photocopying, typing, inputting data on to crime systems, etc.;
  • Divisional neighbourhood policing support, e.g. quality of service checks;
  • Force Performance Improvement Unit, e.g. community projects;
  • Mounted Section, e.g. care of horses and equipment;
  • Corporate Communications – promotion of organisation;
  • Training and Development Centre, e.g. training of staff; and
  • Protective Services, e.g. countryside wildlife officers.

Police Support Volunteers give a regular commitment and are vetted to the same level as support staff. They receive West Yorkshire Police identification and are selected to perform tasks which are additional to, or in support of, the regular work undertaken by full and part time staff. They will never:

  • be placed in high-risk posts,
  • replace the roles of paid employees,
  • provide cover for vacancies, annual leave, sickness, abstractions through attendance at courses,
  • undertake duties of paid staff during industrial disputes or other local disputes

One of our volunteers, Hilary Short, has dedicated over 6,000 hours in the last 10 years to support victims of crime.  In 2012 Hilary was honoured with an MBE for her service to West Yorkshire Police.


Page last reviewed October 2023.