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Friday 14th July

New ATHENA article

The European Commission have released a new article about the ATHENA app -


Tuesday 14th March

ATHENA Review Results

Following the final project review in December 2016, Project Coordinator Jessica Gibson has shared the results with the rest of the consortium. The project was reviewed as being "Excellent" and has "fully achieved its objectives and technical goals or has even exceeded expectations"

The overall assessment from the report states the following:

The project has achieved it's proposed objectives for the time-frame in evaluation. The contributions of social media in crisis management have been documented in the several reports submitted and the overall results, in terms of the produced prototype of APP and back office for emergency management, show beyond the state of the art achievements in terms of usability and user-friendliness.


Overall the project was able to:

  1. Deliver new knowledge on new and emerging communication technologies and applications. 
  2. It has provided an insight into the ways to utilize such communication technologies and applications in order to promote safety and security of citizens in crisis situations.
  3. Implement guidelines in order to promote better communication and information gathering by users of the APP for later or real time usage by authorities and first responders. 
  4. It has developed a set of analysis of the potential roles and ethical dimensions regarding citizen participation in emergency response.
  5. It was able to disseminate the findings and discuss them with wider audiences and to seek the opinion of stakeholders working in the field


Relevant highlights related to science and technology achievements of the project are:

  • the integration of the proposed functionalities in an integrated platform.
  • development of dense approach to deal with varying legal issues per country, or service per country.
  • ability to incorporate ethical concerns.
  • having devised a variable and flexible system for access control.
  • providing a functioning demonstrator, the mobile application as well as back office to support the developed tools.
  • the inclusion of a variable mapping service in function of the available budget of the country or service that will use the tool.
  • the building of a user friendly interface.


As to the future impact of the project, it should be highlighted that: 

  • the team was able to foster the interest upon the users community.
  • the team agreed upon a post-project co-operation with the current consortium partners.
  • the team achieved agreement in further exploration of R&D efforts to update and expand the current platform and functionalities.


This is an excellent result achieved by the hard work of each partner involved in the ATHENA project for the last 3 years, especially those who attended the final review for a grilling from the project reviewers!



Thursday 16th February 2017

Computerworld Press Release

Following press releases from SAS and other online articles ( Computerworld UK has also released its own write up of the ATHENA final exercise and project background. to read the full article please visit the following link -


Tuesday 24th January 2017

SAS Press Release

Data analytics leader and ATHENA partner, SAS have written a press release regarding the role of analytics during the final exercise. Read about it here -


Wednesday 30th November 2016

Project ATHENA comes to a close

Project ATHENA officially finishes today after 3 years of development. The final review will take place in Brussels on 14th December. Please continue to follow the website, Facebook and Twitter page for further updates and developments


Wednesday 28th September 2016

Job Opportunity within WyFi

WyFi are now recruiting for a new Project Delivery Officer to assist with the development of our other European projects. Please see the following link for more information - Project Delivery Officer


Tuesday 27th September 2016

Athena Final Exercise - Carr Gate

Consortium members, police officers and volunteers came together this week to take part in the final live testing of the Athena app in the Public Order Arena at Carr Gate. The volunteers took part in five scenarios over the course of the day which centered around public disorder, a vulnerable missing person, and a potential terrorist attack, with the control and command centre responding to live reports from the participants on the Athena app as if it was a real life crisis event. This was an incredibly interactive day, with a number of departments across the force coming to observe and give their feedback on how they envisage Athena would enhance interaction between emergency services and citizens. To find out about the day in further detail, please visit the Athena website -



Thursday 25th August 2016

Job Opportunity within WyFi

An exciting opportunity has arisen to work within the team coordinating the Athena and Unity projects. Please see the following link for more information - Business Support Officer role


Thursday 16th June 2016

Athena 5th Consortium Meeting - Stockholm

Athena's 5th consortium event took place at the Swedish National Defense University in Stockholm on 16th and 17th June. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the requirements and outstanding work to complete ahead of the final testing exercise taking place at Carr Gate in September 2016, as well as discussions for dissemination and exploitation when the project comes to a close at the end of November.


Thursday 4th February 2016

Athena 2nd Testing Excerise

Last week, members of the WyFi team travelled to Slovenia to coordinate and facilitate Athena's 2nd testing exercise, hosted by the Ljubljana fire brigade. This was an opportunity for all the partners involved in the Athena project to come together, along with a number of volunteers, to test out the effectiveness of the Athena app during a real life crisis.

This exercise was the second in a series of thorough and robust testing exercises, the first being carried out in various locations in Izmir, Turkey with the assistance of the Izmir fire service. This first testing exercise was to test purely technical elements and carry feedback into the further development of the system which was then thoroughly tested again; this time with the involvement of both professional first responders and citizens to enable us to develop not only technical elements of the system but also user needs and requirements.

There were over 80 participants involved in the exercise split across a number of groups, including a control and command centre group to monitor the updates the participants entered into the Athena system, and also other groups based in the UK and in Sweden. After significant amounts of planning and preparation over several months, the exercise took place on 27th January starting at fire HQ. Each participant had their own script to work through with the app installed on their device and documented the success of the scenarios they were being asked to complete.

The day after the exercise, a consortium meeting was held with all the partners to discuss the exercise feedback and any next steps to take forward. This meeting yielding a massive amount of feedback and food for thought on how the app can be further developed and marketed into a functional crisis app for all citizens to use and trust during a real life crisis event.