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Report My Loss is a website which allows members of the public to report lost property quickly and easily without the need to telephone or visit a local police station.

Your lost item will be added to a police-approved, national database that can be viewed by police nationally and matched against found items from across the country.

Once you have completed the online form (which you can update or edit at any time), you will receive a lost property reference number which can be used for your insurance claim, should you choose to make one, and in the event of the item being recovered the owner will be notified of its whereabouts for collection.

Click here to go to the Report My Loss website : - www.reportmyloss.com/uk

About Report My Loss

Report My Loss allows you to print a numbered ownership certificate, confirming the details of the loss. They do charge a fee for this service.

Details of losses reported via this method is made available to Police forces across the UK.

This ensures the best chance of being reunited with your property.

This information is already available to insurance companies and service providers using NMPR™ and Bike Register system, which makes any further loss report unnecessary.

If you think you have lost your property in a public place/premises or on public transport, such as

  • Licensed premises (pubs, bars, nightclubs)
  • Private premises (house, hotel, hostel)
  • Business premises (restaurants, shops, supermarkets, offices, entertainment venues)
  • Educational premises (schools, universities, colleges)
  • Public transport (trains, buses, trams)
  • Taxis (including Private Hire vehicles)
  • Airport

You should make direct contact as they often operate their own lost and found property service and are better placed to deal with your enquiry.

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Guide to property LOST in a public place

We do not issue a lost property reference number, however you may wish to report your loss on www.reportmyloss.com which will allocate an individual reference number for your records. The site can be searched by all UK Police Forces.

  • Hazardous items such as firearms, shotguns, ammunition, explosives, poisons, toxins or chemicals.
    Report to West Yorkshire Police IMMEDIATELY
  • Mobile phones, MP3 players, computers or any equipment with a serial number (including bicycles).
    You can report the loss via www.immobilise.com. For pedal cycles, please visit www.bikeregister.com. Reports are searchable by Police forces nationwide and insurance companies to help restore property or process a claim.
  • Identifiable items (e.g. with owner’s name and address or other contact details in or on the item).
    You do not need to report the loss. If the item is handed in we will make efforts to contact you.
  • Items which do not have a serial number but have a high monetary value (over £500) or sentimental value (e.g. heirlooms).
    Please check the Found Property Database or speak to a member of staff who will see what additional assistance we could offer.
  • Prescribed medication and drugs.
    Contact GP or NHS Direct and seek guidance.
  • Passports, driving licences and ID cards.
    UK passports or driving licence. Report directly to the Passports Office or DVLA.
  • Foreign passports, ID cards and driving licences.
    Report directly to your embassy or high commission.
  • Unidentifiable, low value items.
    It is highly unlikely that items such as luggage, empty purses, empty wallets or low-value unidentifiable items such as umbrellas, spectacles, used or soiled clothing and perishable goods will be handed to the Police. Therefore you are advised to make enquiries at the location the item was lost.
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