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Neighbourhood Priorities

Ward Area: Bradford City set  August 2023…

Lead Area Sergeant: PS 402 SILCOCK
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PCSO 654 ROBINSON


  • Continue to address instances of anti-social behaviour in Bradford Interchange and keep it free from anti-social behaviour. Police Officers and PCSO’s will patrol these areas frequently and challenge any anti-social behaviour, placing those responsible on ASB sanctions.
  • This area has seen some considerable work by the dedicated Interchange PCSO. The area has suffered with anti-social behaviour, generally committed by individual subjects at differing locations within the interchange. These reports have been significantly reduced with the use of criminal convictions and ASB interventions which have being put in place.
  • Bradford Officers have delivered the ‘Bystander’ Training input to staff within the Interchange.
  • PCSO Robinson will shortly be joined by two dedicated public transport PCSO’s who will address transport related problems across the district.

PSO – 13230430770

Ward Area: Bradford City

Lead Area Sergeant: PS 2157 TOWERS
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1419 BRAYSHAW


You Said: To reduce violent crime within the night-time economy of Bradford City Centre.

We Did: Operation Spotlight was created for targeted patrols, and remains in place following feedback from members of the community to target violent crime, drugs and alcohol misuse during the night-time economy, particularly on weekends. We will do this by working in partnership with our colleagues from Bradford at Night, Humankind, Pub Watch and Street Angels with funding support kindly made available from The Police and Crime Commissioner’s office. Using legislation where appropriate to reduce opportunities for offending.

  • Several Bradford Officers completed the ‘Bystander’ Training input to Licensed Venues/Staff via Pubwatch providing them with the tools and confidence to intervene and keep people safe.
  • Pub watch meeting / Groups remain in place which quickly identify problematic/banned individuals to prevent them from entering Licensed Venues within the town centre. 
  • There is also a swift banning Policy via Pubwatch for Problematic Individuals, usually identified within 24/48 hours and letters sent explaining that they are banned and the reason.
  • Push for Exclusion Orders which are legally binding and issued by the courts to prevent convicted individuals from entering certain Licensed Premises.

PSO -13230440490

Ward Area: Bradford City

Lead Area Sergeant: PS 4698 WHITAKER 
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer:  PCSO 506 DUNN

  • Reduce calls for Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) around the Bradford Leisure Exchange complex.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any repeat offenders, most issues seem to revolve around Customers/Guests not leaving as such staff and customers are being inconvenienced through ASB.

PSO – 13230442433


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