Contact Numbers: 101 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies.

Email : [email protected]

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Inspector: Khalid Khan

Sergeant: Peter Softley

Central Ward:
Central Ward Officers: PC 5899 Ben Ashton
                                     PC 5948 Katherine Edwards
PCSO's: To follow


West Ward:
West Ward Officers: PC 0027 Caroline Foster
                                 PC 6119 Richard Gibbons
PCSO's: To follow


East Ward:

East Ward Officer: PC 3524 Allen Bartlett
PCSO's: To follow


Worth Ward:
Worth Ward Officer: PC 1825 Marcus Edwards
PCSO'S: To follow


Craven Ward:
Craven Ward Officer: PC 2048 Eddie Irving
PCSO's: To follow


Ilkley Ward:
Ilkley Ward Officer: PC 6746 Sam Hollings
PCSO's: To follow