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Neighbourhood Priorities

Calderdale Valley NPT Inspector: Insp 6309 Collins

Upper Valley

Ward Area: Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Mytholmroyd and Ryburn.
Lead Sergeant: PS 5288 Sodhi
Lead Problem Solver: PC 2982 Mayhew
Upper Valley local Priority update: Set 24/07/2023

You Said: To target and address road safety concerns across the Upper Valley, paying particular attention towards speeding vehicles on Burnley Road between Luddenden Lane and Junction Tuel Lane, and speeding on Pecket Well between the times of 1600 x 1900 hours.

We Did: On 16/05/2023 officers attended at Todmorden High on Burnley Road from 15:00 to 15:20 hours and engaged with staff. No issues were reported.

On 22/05/2023 a road safety traffic operation was conducted in the Upper Valleys covering, Burnley Road through to Hebden Bridge and Cragg Vale Road, Mytholmroyd between 16:30– 23:00 hours. This operation covered the fatal 4; inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, drink/drug driving.

1 x speeding at Pecket Well 
2 x speeding at Blackshaw Edge.
2 x reported for no insurance. 

On 28.5.23 from 09:15 to 10:00 there was a visible Police presence in the centre of Blackshawhead. Officers spoke to several residents in regards to the speeding issues in the area.

On 01/06/2023 PCSO 978 and PC 5463 carried out patrols in an unmarked car between Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

On Rochdale Road, Walsden there was one OPL driver (drink) who blew 62mg, and was doing 54mph in a 30mph zone. They also had and an illegal vrm plate.
One high-value diesel theft was prevented in Mytholmroyd and the driver was reported for a defective vehicle, with a cracked windscreen and number plate.
1 x seizure for no insurance 
One driver reported for tinted windows in Hebden Bridge, where the vehicle was only letting in 29% of light.

On 8/6/23 at 11:00 hours, officers attended at Colden School and conducted a road safety input with students.

On 19/6/23 from 08:15 to 09:00 hours, officers attended at Burnley Rd J and I, Mytholmroyd. No tickets were issued due to all the parents complying. 
School staff were spoken to and updated.

On 22/06/2023 between 17:40 hours and 18:15 hours, officers attended at the Long Causeway junction of Davey Lane in Blackshawhead. Numerous vehicles heading in the Burnley direction were checked. Most were travelling at the 20mph speed limit, with none over 30mph.

On 08/07/2023 between 14:30 and 15:00 hours, officers conducted speed checks with the pro-laser on Burnley Road, Cornholme outside the Roebuck Inn. 
2 x words of advice were issued to drivers.

On Thursday 20/07/2023 a road safety traffic operation was conducted in the Upper Valleys covering Halifax to Valleys, Burnley Road through to Hebden between 11:00– 20:00 hours. PC Moore covered the Fatal 4; inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt and drink/drug driving.

Commuting from King Cross, Halifax to Mytholmroyd.
4 x tickets for speeding.
1 x red traffic light.
1 x speeding (exceeded speed for 3 points and fine and so will be off to court).
Commuting from Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd, various locations, (just to keep the locals on their toes!)
2 x tickets for speeding.
1 x ticket for insecure load.

You Said: To target reports of fly-tipping and active prevention work. 

We Did: Calderdale Council are the lead agency for fly tipping reports and concerns. Officers will continue to monitor any reports of fly tipping across the Upper Valley area. 

You Said: General focus on ASB, proactive patrols (Police and Council Wardens) identifying offenders and targeting repeat locations which include Todmorden Town centre and the Recreation ground off Recreation Road, Sowerby Bridge.

We Did: ASB warning letters have been issued to two youths for reports of ASB in Sowerby Bridge around Lidl and B&M Stores. Also issued B&M banning letters.

ASB Referrals completed for two other youths for ASB issues. The referrals are requesting for ABC’s be issued and to progress down the ASB process.

ASB warning letter issued to 1 youth re ASB issues in Millwest Flats, West Street, Sowerby Bridge.

Two youths were arrested for damage to a motor vehicle and 1 for a Public Order incident with a gel gun.

Patrols will continue around The Rec, Tuel Lane, B& M bargains and Houghton Towers.

1 x ASB warning letter has been issued re: ASB and nuisance noise in Holmes Park, Luddendenfoot.

Enquires are ongoing to issue an ABC to a male for the issues they have been causing in the Todmorden area.

Regular patrols will continue mainly around Todmorden market and the bus station, especially at weekends.

Officers will also continue patrols around St Peters Avenue in Ryburn. 

Priorities Set for the next period 

General Road Safety focus across Upper Valley, paying particular attention towards: 

  • Speeding vehicles in Barkisland.
  • Speeding vehicles on Widdop Road, Hebden Bridge.

Focus on highway maintenance, blocked gullies and drainage (Lead Agency – Calderdale Council).

  • We will encourage engagement and promotion of reporting channels.
  • We will continue gathering evidence of offenders.
  • We will continue monitoring reports around Todmorden, Heptonstall, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby upper Bentley Royd and Halifax Road Kebroyd/Triangle.

General focus on ASB

  • Proactive patrols (Police and Council Wardens).
  • Identifying offenders and dealing appropriately.
  • To continue working with partners to deliver targeted youth engagement.
  • Working with the partnership ASB team to seek injunctions to prevent offending.
  • Targeted ASB patrols for repeat locations which include Todmorden bus station and market area, Sowerby Bridge market and Horton Towers and Calder Holmes and Centre Vale Park.

Lower Valley

Ward Area: Brighouse, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, Northowram, Greetland and Stainland, Elland and Rastrick. 
Lead Sergeant: PS 1246 Forrest
Lead Problem Solver: PC5431 Dainton
Lower Valley Priority update: Set 25/07/2023

You Said: General Road Safety across the Lower Valley, paying particular attention to traffic speeds on Halifax Road in Shelf.

We Did: NPT Officers have been spontaneously deploying to Shelf conducting speed checks. Targeted checks and high visibility deployments have been conducted resulting in positive action being taken with drivers. 
Over 50 Ticket Offence Reports have been issued from NPT alone.
Numerous vehicles have been seized and positive action has been taken.
Traffic operations have continued with the deployment of Operation Hawmill. 
Operation Hawmill is an operation funded by the Calderdale Community Safety Partnership. The aim of this operation is to target motorists speeding, driving above the drink or drug limit, using a phone whilst driving and driving without a seatbelt. Officers are able to focus on both enforcement and education regarding the ‘fatal 4’, but also the antisocial use of motor vehicles in response to Community concerns. Operation Hawmill has responded to this by ensuring that 90% of patrols are conducted in the evenings, and in the areas highlighted by members of the public. Operation Hawmill is continuing to make a positive difference within the Calderdale District.

You Said: To reduce Theft of Motor Bikes in the Lower Valley.

We Did: We have increased patrols in the hotspot areas targeting offenders. 
Crime prevention visits have taken place along with information stands at local contact points.
There have been numerous arrests for TOMV offences, where stolen motorbikes have been recovered and returned to their original keepers.

You Said: General focus on Anti-Social behaviour in the Lower Valley 

We Did: We have continued to deploy to hotspot areas as a high priority.
Working alongside partner agencies in Calderdale we continue to identify those associated with any criminality.
We currently have various youths referred through the ASB partnership.

Last week, we also saw the first #OperationHockville deployment in Calderdale. 
An operation bringing resources from across the district together with partners to have maximum impact on addressing local priorities in an area focusing on;

  • Road Safety
  • Anti-social Behaviour 
  • Reducing Theft of Vehicle. 

Phase 1 results;

  • 2x Drivers reported for speeding in Rastrick
  • 6x Advised for speeding in Rastrick
  • 7x Tickets issued for parking offences in Rastrick
  • 180 School children given inputs on Personal Safety and Road Safety.
  • 7x Drivers reported for speeding in Elland 
  • Over 100 people spoken with at contact points across the Lower Valley. 
  • ASB Patrols conducted in the Rastrick Ward.
  • Various local business engaged with in Elland. 


Priorities Set for the next period 

General focus on Anti-Social behaviour in the Lower Valley 

  • We will increase patrols working alongside the Council Wardens
  • Working with partners to deliver targeted youth engagement
  • Evenings of action and social media releases
  • To identify Offenders and to take positive action through the ASB Partnership
  • Targeted ASB patrols at key areas including Field Lane Estate, Rastrick, Elland Town centre and Brighouse Canal basin, Market and Bus Station.

General Road Safety across the Lower Valley, paying particular attention to Crow Tree’s Lane

  • We will continue the deployment of the speed gun. Drivers to be dealt with positive enforcement action 
  • SID deployment will also continue
  • We will continue working with our partners in the highways department
  • Parking services to deal with obstructing vehicles.
  • Removing illegal and uninsured vehicles off the roads of Calderdale. 
  • Road safety inputs with schools and communities. 

To reduce fly-tipping around Smith House estate and Whinney Hill Park, Brighouse

  • Calderdale Council are the lead agency for fly tipping reports and concerns
  • Officers will continue to monitor any reports of fly tipping across the Upper Valley area 
  • We will encourage engagement and promotion of reporting channels
  • We will continue gathering evidence of offenders
  • We will continue high visibility patrols


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