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Neighbourhood Priorities

Halifax NPT Inspector: Insp 5238 Graham

Halifax North and East

Ward Area: Illingworth & Mixenden, Ovenden and Pellon & Warley.
Lead Sergeant: PS 4235 Bentley
Lead area Problem solving officer: PC 1025 Dilnot 
Halifax North and East Priority update: Set 22/03/2024

  • Tackling ASB/Waste issues Lee Mount
  • Tackling deliberate fires/ASB Bank Edge/Turner Avenue South
  • Tackling Road Traffic Issues outside Moorside School


Update: March 2024

  • The Trojan bus has been deployed in the area to tackle ASB

    One male has been arrested and charged with 17 thefts from shop offences from Ovenden this week, at court he was given community order and to pay court costs and compensation. 

    Crime Prevention contact points have been held by NPT Officers at Morrisons in Illingworth throughout December. These have focused on giving out crime prevention information around shed burglaries and theft of/ from vehicles in Morrisons.

  • There have been several keyless thefts recently in the North & East area and several stolen vehicles have been recovered located in Ovenden. 

    In December, a large number of burglaries and thefts from vehicles were reported in Mixenden prior to Christmas. Police enquiries led to officers arresting a local male who has been subsequently bailed pending further enquiries. 

  • Calderdale Council are the lead agency for fly tipping reports and overhanging shrubbery, so any information received has been passed to the council for them to be aware of. 

    The Community Safety Wardens have utilised this information to carry out daily patrols, by tackling the issues and dealing with the suspects (where identified). 

      You can report fly tipping here: Report litter: Calderdale Council


Halifax Central 
Ward Area: Park and Skircoat 
Lead Sergeant: PS 3669 Softley
Lead Problem solving officer: PC 5141 Miah
Halifax Central Priority update: Set 22/04/2024

  • Problem solving in People's Park, Park Ward - to prevent criminal damage and ASB - engage with a small minority, who attend the park, to prevent offences, ensure they are respectful of others and do not engage in criminality and ASB. This will be a partnership approach involving police, Halifax Central Initiative, Calderdale Council and Calderdale College.
  • Road safety and speeding vehicles prevention and enforcement - focus being on Bank Top / Beacon Hill, Skircoat Moor, Queens road / Westholme Road. Local NPT officers and Roads Policing Units will be deployed in these locations to raise awareness around speeding vehicles, education and, where necessary, proportionate enforcement.
  • Refresh parking restrictions in key locations around Park Ward. The double yellow lines near Madni Mosque, review of the single yellow lines along Queens Road and with a view to making these double yellow lines due to congestion issues and speed bumps along West Holme Road.

Update: February 2024

There was a real increase in police presence in People’s Park with good positive outcomes. There was a lot of Stop Searches carried out in People Park most of this was under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, People’s Park has a massive issue with drug use. 

09/02/24 – Officers went to Peoples Park Two males were Stopped Searched to negative gain.

19/02/24 - PC and PCSO worked together and conducted speed checks on Skircoat Moor Road, Free School Lane. 1 x TOR for MOT 1 x TOR for parking in controlled zone of a zebra crossing(King Cross Road)

26 February 2024 – Officer on High Visibility mobile patrol around Park Ward stopped vehicles on Hanson Lane/Victoria and issued 1 x TOR - Driver failing to wear seatbelt 1 x TOR - No insurance

29 /02/24 – Operation Hawmill conducted in the Park Ward area.

Speed checks conducted on Skircoat Moor Road with Pro Laser (Speed Gun), 1 x Vehicle stopped at 19.00hrs on ALBERT ROAD, reported for speeding. 1 x Vehicle stopped on GIBBET STREET and reported for speeding.

01/03/24 – A vehicle stop searched for s23 drugs; driver was arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply Drugs. House search conducted, a large quantity of class A drugs and paraphernalia and bundles of cash in the £1000s inside the address. A female inside the house was also arrested. Cash and vehicle also seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

17/04/24 – Operation Hockend  tackling the Fatal 5 conducted around Saville Park. 1 X TOR - Driver not wearing seatbelt 1 x Mobile Phone


Halifax Town 

Ward Area: Boothtown, Siddal, Southowram and Town
Lead Area Sergeant: PS 2178 Walton
Lead area Problem solving officer: PC 4982 Armstrong
Halifax Town local Priority update: Set 01/03/2024

  • To reduce violent crime within the night-time economy of Halifax.
  • To reduce substance misuse within the Town Centre.
  • To ensure that Halifax is presented in the best possible light to visitors and to target ASB Hotspots in Halifax Town Centre.

Update: March 2024

  • Targeted patrols remain in place following feedback from the community to target violent crime, drugs and alcohol misuse during the night-time economy, particularly on weekends. We will do this by working in partnership with statutory and voluntary partners, using legislation where appropriate to reduce opportunities for offending.
    Pub watch meetings remain in place which quickly identify problematic/banned individuals to prevent them from entering Licensed Venues within the Town Centre. 
    We will continue to roll out the Pubwatch/ ShopWatch Radio Scheme which has direct links to Council CCTV/Wardens and in-turn can help prevent ASB/Violence and/or identify individuals and prevent situations from escalating
    There is also a swift banning policy via Pubwatch for problematic individuals, usually identified within 24/48 hours and letters are sent explaining that they are banned and the reason why. 
    Operation Halcyon has also been introduced providing high visibility patrols, focusing on proactive prevention rather than reactive. This operation runs every Friday & Saturday night from 19:00 hours. 
    Operation Swan has been introduced on Friday and Saturday night in Halifax Town Centre providing a ‘place of safety’ and a mobile safety pod. The main focus of Op Swan is to reduce incidents of violence against women and girls (VAWG) in public spaces at night and to improve feelings of safety during the night time economy.
  • Halifax NPT officers have continued targeted patrols to gather intelligence and disrupt offenders involved in the supply of drugs. We will continue to obtain warrants and to bring offenders to justice.
    Public space protection orders are in place and incidents have markedly reduced.
  • We Set up Operation Swan - a high visibility night time economy initiative to assist those who may need help.  Already we have given advice and first aid to many people and reunited lost friends
    Weekly Outreach work has continued with partners to support homeless related issues.
    Theft from Shop has always been prevalent within Halifax Town Centre with prolific offenders targeting the same retail stores. We have implemented a multi-agency approach to tackle the rise in shoplifting offences. 
    Operation Hockville has been set up to tackle the issue of shop thefts and is starting to reduce the issues
    On 18/03/24 Halifax NPT organised and completed a Day of Action involving Smartmove, Woolshops Security, Liaison and Diversion and the Council Wardens. Due to the success of this deployment we aim to replicate this on a regular basis going forward. 


Our Local Priorities - In Calderdale local partnership priorities are set at the six weekly Safer, Cleaner, Greener meeting. This meeting brings partners from Police, Fire, Health, Calderdale Council and local councillors, together to tackle local issues.  

Each Safer Cleaner Greener area has a lead Police Sergeant and Police officer who leads on problem solving. They are supported by other officers, PCSO’s, Police staff and partnership resources. 

You can suggest a local priority by:


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