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Neighbourhood Priorities

Lead Inspector: 2336 Lockwood


Ward Area: Dewsbury East

Problem Solving Officers: PC 1392 Hopson, PC 3334 Sturdy

Lead Sergeant: PS 3638 Oates 

Town Centre Area Anti-Social Behaviour: Set May 2023

  • NPT and the Town Centre Team Officers continue to conduct high visibility patrols within the town centre with focus on high demand locations such as the bus station, with early intervention and proactive policing tactics being key to effective anti-social behaviour managements. All reports are reviewed against the need for bespoke problem-solving investigations where we would seek support from key partners, such as Safer Kirklees. To help us identify and recognise concerns, members of the public can speak directly with officers, contact 101/999, use online reporting tools, or attend any publicised meetings. 

Update August 2023

Dewsbury East NPT officers are continuing patrol plans to monitor and tackle ASB with no current change to demand areas. Officers have recently conducted joint patrols and a crime prevention market stall with partner PSPO officers within the town centre, and dates are set for additional policing activity in partnership with Safer Travel colleagues.

All Dewsbury East Ward Area - Off Road-Bikes / Nuisance Vehicles: Set May 2023

  • Operation Taskabbey and Teakshot will see specialist officers deployed on police off-road motorcycles to disrupt, deter and enforce against nuisance off-road vehicles and illegal activity throughout the district providing a bespoke response to key areas identified within Dewsbury East. In addition, NPT Officers continue to work with partners to develop intelligence on those responsible to enable joint actions that prevent repeat complaints and will conduct routine proactive traffic operations utilising our pro-laser and key legislation to address driving standards and improve road safety. 

Update August 2023

Off road motorcycle complaints remain a focus for local officers and partners. Specialist trained officers continue to be deployed with positive results advertised on Police social media. In addition we have adopted an enhanced approach with an appointed officer routinely contacting back reporting parties for all related calls to gather information on any missed opportunities.

Ward area: Dewsbury West 

Problem Solving Officers: PC 4365 Olszewski, PC 4252 Gredelj, PC 3740 Husetic

Lead Sergeant: PS 5646 Clarke 

Ravensthorpe and West Town Area: Set September 2021

  • To target Anti-Social Vehicle use, speeding and vehicles being used for drug related issues in and around the Ravensthorpe and West Town area. We will be increasing patrols in the areas and using stop and search powers where appropriate. Traffic offence reports and section 59 notices will be issued to drivers when required.

Update August 2023

Mobile patrols continue, we continue to gather intelligence in respect of drug supply and anti-social use of motor vehicles. Operation Tarlake has been deployed several times in the area in addition to ad-hoc Road Traffic enforcement operations, vehicles have been identified and the users of these vehicles have been warned.

A joint operation with the NPT, Taxi Licensing and DVSA has been undertaken with a number of offences reported, we will continue to undertake these joint operations.

We are aware of community concerns in respect of the use of E-Scooters and Off Road Bikes, we have arranged a contact point to specifically target that issue and will continue to seek support from specialist Off Road Bikes Officers in the area.

We will continue to pay attention in this area, along with our colleagues at roads policing to take positive action to tackle those committing offences.

Ravensthorpe and West Town Area: February 2023

  • To target Anti-Social Behaviour leading to criminal damage. We will be increasing patrols in the areas and using stop and search powers where appropriate to reduce the instance of criminal damage and vandalism in the Dewsbury West Area.

Update August 2023

Mobile patrols continue, we continue to gather intelligence in respect of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Operation Tarlake has been deployed several times in the area to supplement routine patrols, we continue to work with partners and youth services to prevent and deter anti-social activity.

Ward area: Dewsbury South 

Problem Solving Officers: PC 3667 Stephens, PC 2704 Ali

Lead Sergeant: PS 2883 Prentice

Various Roads Dewsbury South Area: Set September 2021

  • To target anti-social vehicle use and speeding around Brewery lane, Forge Lane, Mill Street East, Saville Road and Bretton Street. This will be targeted with extra patrols as well as days of action with additional police resources such as the road policing unit.​​​​​​

Update August 2023

We are also working to have more visible presence on identified roads after consultation with the community within the south ward to deter drivers from committing driving offences such as speeding. Officers will be utilising the pro laser for speed checks on identified roads throughout the south ward taking positive action to provide the community with reassurance. There will be a visible presence to deter drivers from speeding on those roads with a view to reducing anti-social vehicle use.

Anti-Social behaviour and off road Bikes in the Thornhill Area: Set May 2023

  • As we are now moving into spring/summer we will start to have issues with off-road bikes in the Thornhill area which is a common problem across the district. The neighbourhood team will be tackling this under operation Taskabbey which is targeted patrols by officers on off road bikes.

Update August 2023

We are continuing to monitor the increased reports of nuisance off road bikes with positive action being taken where possible within the Thornhill locality utilising OP Taskabbey. Operation Taskabbey will see specialist Officers using Police off road bikes to deter those that are regularly committing offences and to enforce any positive outcome. We are working in partnership with partners to identify those that are storing and using off road bikes, causing ASB issues.

Ward area: Mirfield

Problem Solving Officers: PC 4628 Coe, PC 6986 Clarke

Lead Sergeant: PS 5646 Clarke

London Park Estate and educational establishments: Set February 2022

  • Youth anti-social behaviour / tensions / public order – We will, adopt a problem-solving approach to issues and identify a bespoke response, and where appropriate collaborate with partners including Safer Kirklees / Local Authority teams / Education establishments / or other relevant agency. Bespoke patrol plans Anti-social behaviour and crime reports will be robustly reviewed to ensure any subjects are assessed against early intervention & ASB management processes to maximise positive outcomes – Where necessary a single OIC will be appointed for continuity and investigational oversight of wider issues. Members of public can report directly to officers on ward patrols, via 101/999 or online reporting tools, or attendance at any publicised public meetings. Additional information will be shared where relevant via WYP Community Alert and the Dewsbury & Mirfield NPT Facebook page.

Update August 2023

Work continues with partner agencies to engage with the community. A multi-agency day of action has taken place and information packs delivered to homes providing contacts for agencies. We have set up a programme of joint patrols involving Police and Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing to develop a holistic approach to tackling anti-social behaviour and criminality in the area. We will continue to work with the communities and partner agencies to reduce Anti Social Behaviour and increase community confidence.

All Mirfield Area: Set August 2021

  • Speeding / Traffic offences – we will continue to work alongside colleagues with the Roads Policing Unit for proactive enforcement activity, seek information from community residents to gather intelligence on offending vehicles, and conduct additional Pro Laser Speed Operations

Update August 2023

We continue to monitor reports of speeding and traffic offences. Identified areas of concern remain patrolled by neighbourhood officers and we will pursue positive intervention where offences are identified. Local PCSO’s have continued to undertake ad-hoc pro-laser speed checks in Lower Hopton and Sunnybank Road where previous complaints have been made. Further operations with partners and road policing colleagues will be planned later this year and the results will be posted on social media. Residents are encouraged to speak with local officers regarding any concerns to assist highlighting hot spot areas.

We are also aware of community concerns relating to Off Road Motor Cycle and E Scooters and will continue to tackle those issues through specialist off road bike team deployment.


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