Covering : Dewsbury, Mirfield, Ravensthorpe, Thornhill Edge, Town Centre, Chickenley, Earlsheaton, Upper Hopton, Lower Hopton and surrounding areas

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Dewsbury East Ward

  • Town Centre and Bus Station
  • General ASB -  Problem Solving Occurrence in Place.

Dewsbury South Ward

  • General ASB on Thorn Avenue, Thornhill.
    General ASB issues on Thorn Avenue involving large groups of youths congregating and causing damage/throwing fireworks/eggs etc. Police Problem Solving Occurrence In Place.
  • General ASB near to Thornhill Lees Community Centre, ASB, Drug Dealing and Damage.  Police Problem Solving Occurrence in place.

Dewsbury West Ward

  • General ASB on Dewsbury Moor Estate & Crow Nest Park.
    General ASB issues on Dewsbury Moor particularly on School Lane involving large groups of youths congregating including Crow Nest Park. Police Problem Solving Occurrence In Place.

Mirfield Ward

  • Nuisance Motorcycle/Quad Bike at London Park Estate
    Northway/Kitson Hill Road and Fields surrounding London Park Estate are the busiest especially on Friday and Saturday, mainly afternoons between 1300-1800hrs is the busiest time. Police Operation Taskabbey, Police Problem Solving Occurrence In Place and Police Off Road Bike Team patrol the areas on a regular basis.


How you can take action...

Report crime
Use the online reporting methods here, or there is more detailed information about reporting crime, and contacting police, on the Contact us page.

Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team
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Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country with over 10 million members. Full details are available in the Neighbourhood Watch section.

Get involved or volunteer
Get involved, volunteer or contact your local team on the contact numbers to see what you can do to help. See more details about Police Volunteers in the recruitment section.

Compliment an officer, or make a complaint
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More information about West Yorkshire Police, policies and procedures
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Kirklees District Community Trigger
A process to help repeat victims of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Kirklees area.
Click here to read more about the Kirklees District Community Trigger.

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Theft From Shop
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Ref: KD2399
Theft from Vehicle
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Ref: KD2386
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Ref: KD2379
Public Order
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