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Neighbourhood Priorities

Lead Area Inspector for all priorities: Insp 2624 Briggs


Ward Area: Dearne Valley

Local Priority Lead Sergeant: PS 1762 Bradley

Local Priority Problem Solving Officers: PC 4963 Newsome (Wildlife Officer), PC 4502 Addy, PC 1778 Farrand, PC 4113 Curry

Denby Dale, Skelmanthorpe, Clayton West area: Set August 2023

  • To target youth anti-social behaviour in and around Cliffe Woods, Clayton West during the evenings and weekends, Sunnymead Park, Scissett,  and Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe, including the Community Centre, predominantly at key times. We will be conducting increased high visibility patrols in the area and liaising with local educational establishments and partners in an effort to address the issues and identify and deal with offenders. We have interacted with a number of youths, however, no significant issues have been encountered.

We will continue to conduct High Visibility patrols. We will attend local schools to provide intervention work and Education. We have set up NHW schemes and will be conducting street surveys/meets where required to ensure all issues around the ASB have been addressed/resolved.

Denby Dale, Birdsedge, Cumberworth, Emley areas: Set August 2023

  • To target anti-social vehicle use and speeding in and around the villages of Denby Dale Clayton West, Birdsedge, Cumberworth, Emley and Skelmanthorpe. We will aim to  increase patrols in the area and conduct regular speed checks, in addition, conducting specific days of action using additional resources to target offenders.

We have held numerous days of action, and have an upcoming initiative in the form of Op-Limit, West Yorkshire Police summer Drink-Drive campaign, 14th to 28th Aug. Calls for service in respect of speeding in the areas of Emley and Cumberworth have significantly reduced. Speeding days of action will continue.
Kirkburton, Flockton, Shelley, Shepley and Grange Moor area: Set August 2023

  • To target anti-social vehicle use and speeding in the villages of Kirkburton, Flockton, Shelley, Shepley and Grange Moor, (in particular Jubilee Way), and contravention of vehicle weight restriction through Flockton village. We will be increasing patrols in the areas and conducting regular speed checks and in addition conducting specific days of action using additional resources to target offenders.

Kirkburton Gregory Playing Fields, Shepley Village and Flockton Village area: Set August 2023

  • To target youth anti-social behaviour in and around Gregory Playing Fields, Highburton, Kirkburton Middle School, (out of hours), and Jubilee Way, Grange Moor, Shepley Village and Flockton Village. We will be conducting high visibility patrols in the areas and liaising with local educational establishments and partners in an effort to address the issue and identify and deal with offenders. 

Denby Dale and Kirkburton Area: Set August 2023

  • To target youth anti-social behaviour, including use of e-scooters and off-road bikes, with increased awareness of safety. Contact points to be held and the initiative to be discussed, increased patrols in vulnerable and remote areas.

BOTH WARDS: Set August 2023

  • To target offenders who are stealing vehicles from our villages. We have and will conduct leaflet drops in conjunction with Safer Kirklees regarding vehicle security/safety, have increased patrols in the area and assist residents in setting up  Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. Days of action in respect of vehicle theft will be planned in the coming weeks in conjunction with Safer Kirklees and Patrol.


Ward Areas: Colne Valley & Golcar

Local Priority Lead Sergeant: PS 5467 Powney

Local Priority Problem Solving Officers: PC 786 Knight, PC 1417 Grifford, PC 1778 Farrand

Golcar & Quarmby Area: Set May 2023

  • OFF ROAD BIKES. Now the weather has changed we have seen an increase of off-road bikes causing ASB in areas, we will work with partners to identify offenders and take positive action though seizures, prosecutions or and breaches of tenancy agreements. Our designated off-road bike team will support NPT visibility and be able to gain access to more areas to hopefully capture the offenders.

Update August 2023

Hopefully you will have already seen an increase in visible patrols from our off road bike team, that will continue throughout the summer, they target intelligence led areas so please keep feeding the information in, we also work with partners for a joint approach.  During a recent ASB week of action, NPT with Kirklees Council raided an unused garage and seized 3 motorbikes, one stolen from another force. Together we still tackle to remove the issues so the community can have a safe enjoyable summer.

All Colne Valley & Golcar area: Set May 2023

  • To target anti-social behaviour in and around our reservoirs and to promote water safety educate around wild fires, dangers of disposable BBQ’s dropped bottles that act as a magnifying glass which can cause fires. We will again be working hard with our partners and volunteers to educate people not just local in our area, but also visitors about the dangers faced to them and the environment, to enable all to enjoy the outside safely.

Update August 2023

As you are aware June was the hottest month of the season so far, and numerous fires were caused to our moorland. The weather has changed which has assisted in controlling the fires and stopping them flaring back up, however we are still working with the fire service to educate people and will send information of offenders who may be breaching the PSPO by having fires/BBQ in open space which is not allowed to the council for consideration of prosecution.


Colne Valley, Marsden & Slaithwaite: Set May 2023

  • As the summer approaches it is Known that ASB increases in the Colne Valley area not just from the Youths but also the foot fall of the Real Ale train. We will work with British transport Police national rail and other agencies to provide proactive and visible patrols. Seek to identify any suspects or main protagonist who will be dealt with in a positive manor, through ASB legislation or criminal offences. We will also be working with partners in Licencing to educate and ensure the public houses and off licenses are working according to their licence conditions.

Update August 2023 

With rail strikes and poor weather we haven’t seen the usual footfall the real ale trail brings, but the villages are still up and coming vibrant places attracting a good night life, we will continue our work with partners to ensure support is there all summer


Ward Area: Holme Valleys 

Local Priority Lead Sergeant: PS 1836 Hamer

Local Priority Problem Solving Officers: PC 5231 Slawinski, PC 4559 Wood & PC 5860 Smith


All Holme Valley: Set September 2021

  • To target residential burglary offences. We will ensure all burglaries are revisited by the Neighbourhood Policing Team and crime prevention advice is offered. We will work closely with crime prevention officers and the CID department. We will ensure areas of concern are targeted with high visibility patrols and leaflet drops. Rural Ward Officers and PCSOs to provide Burglary reassurance, advise on preventative measures and problem solving through our new Easy Street campaign. 

Update August 2023

We continue to liaise closely with our colleagues in the burglary team, sharing information and assisting in locating and apprehending offenders. All burglaries are re visited by NPT officers to provide crime prevention advice, offer reassurance, and ensure full CCTV trawls and house to house enquiries are conducted. Our summer burglary plan will see an increase in raising awareness of insecure doors and windows during the nicer weather.


All Holme Valley: Set September 2021

  • To target youth related anti-social behaviour.  We will conduct proactive patrols and seek to identify any of the suspects/main protagonists who will be dealt with for any criminal offences or ASB legislation, we will also work with Safer Kirklees and local schools. We will also work with partners to educate regarding water safety around our reservoirs and target anti-social behaviour in these areas.

Update August 2023

Targeted patrols will continue in the Holme Valley ward area.


All Holme Valley: Set September 2021 

  • To target speeding vehicles and anti-social vehicle use we will continue with speed checks, conduct high visibility patrols and work closely with partners where appropriate to reduce anti-social vehicle use.

Update August 2023

We have targeted patrols in areas where speed identified as an issue. We have followed up on all reports of anti-social motorcycle use and are working with partners to reduce access to the playing fields in Meltham. Several riders have been issued with S59 warnings for anti-social use of vehicles.

All Holme Valley: Set September 2021 

  • To target illegal drug taking/supply, we will conduct proactive patrols, use stop and search powers when appropriate, and respond to community intelligence with the use of drug warrants when appropriate.

Update August 20233

We are developing several pieces of intelligence regarding drug supply in the area. We have been pro-active in the use of stop and search of individuals and vehicles in the area

All Home Valley Set September 2023

  • Target vehicle crime. We will re-visit all offences of theft of and from motor vehicles and conduct CCTV and house to house enquiries. We will ensure areas of concern are targeted with high visibility patrols. We will revisit all victims of vehicle crime offering reassurance, crime prevention advice and conduct house to house enquiries  




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