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Neighbourhood Priorities

Ward Area – Leeds East wide - set February 2024

Lead Inspector: INSP 4072 Nicholls

Lead Sergeants: PS 3893 Attree, PS 1685 Crook and PS 3315 Ellis

  • To address serious and organised criminality, whilst disrupting and pursuing offenders who cause harm to the communities we serve. As part of CommUnity Harehills the Clear, Hold and Build Home Office initiative, alongside Operation Anthenmill, Operation Bakegreen, Operation Doleedge and Operation Balletmay, we will target and disrupt offenders involved in serious and organised criminality. We aim to achieve this through a range of policing tactics, including gathering intelligence to identify those involved in such criminality. We will monitor and respond to incident demands, collate evidence, conduct disruption visits on known offenders, and will hold targeted days of action and planned operations across the Leeds East ward areas. In addition, we will continue to work collaboratively alongside partner agencies to utilise all enforcement methods available, against those repeatedly involved in such criminality whilst ensuring vulnerable victims are safeguarded accordingly. 

Update 6th June 2024


  • The Leeds East Neighbourhood Policing Teams continue to proactively deploy in line with the several targeted Operations in place to address serious and organised criminality. These targeted Operations have resulted in multiple positive outcomes inclusive of multiple arrests, drugs, money, weapons and vehicles seized.
  • A range of results are highlighted in the below Neighbourhood Policing Team ward areas local priority updates.

Inner East Priorities

Ward Area - Burmantofts and Richmond Hill - set February 2024

Lead Sergeant: PS 3893 Attree
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1001 Coopman and PC 1353 Rooks

  • To address reports of urban street gangs and organised criminal groups involved in serious and organised crime, particularly across the Lincoln Green and Burmantofts section of the ward. We will gather intelligence and disrupt offenders involved in urban street gangs, organised criminal groups as part of Operation Anthenmill and we will arrest offenders. We will work collaboratively alongside partner agencies to ensure vulnerable victims are identified, signposted, and safeguarded accordingly. We will work proactively alongside partner agencies and third sectors to educate, disrupt, and divert young people away from criminality.
  • To address reports of Burglary, Theft and Vehicle Crime across the ward. We will conduct proactive and targeted patrols, to gather intelligence and disrupt offenders involved in such criminality. We will seek to raise awareness of crime prevention measures and target hardening, through engagements with property developers, businesses, and members of the public. 

Update 6th June 2024

  • To address the local priorities across the ward, officers have conducted multiple actions to address serious and organised criminality as part of Operational Anthenmill which has resulted in arrests, drugs, money, and weapons seized. Multiple actions and women, girls and vulnerable adults’ personal safety events held, along with increased patrols to address Burglary, Theft and Vehicle Crime. A news release has been compiled to highlight the extensive work conducted across the ward and results achieved, which can be accessed at: Burmantofts and Richmond Hill - Local Priority Update and Operation Anthenmill Results | West Yorkshire Police 
  • We continue to identify and disrupt offenders and the multi-agency approach remains in place for individuals at risk of cuckooing, regular meetings are held, and support mechanisms are in place for vulnerable victims. 
  • Fifteen partial closure orders granted across blocks of flats in Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, following work conducted by Operation Leodis. You can read more about the partnership actions taken by Leeds City Council and the Police at: New restrictions aim to curb anti-social behaviour in Leeds tower blocks
  • Multiple days of action have been held across the ward and supported by West Yorkshire Operational Support Teams and partner agencies. In recent months, days of action included partnership operations with Leeds City Council departments such as Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Housing, Licensing and Parking Services. Resulting in intelligence gathered, warnings issues, notices served, and action taken for illegal parking.
  • Burglary offences reduced from nineteen recorded occurrences in April – May to fourteen between May and June 2024, whilst theft of motor vehicle reduced from ten to four during the same period and officers continue to conduct targeted patrols to address demands.
  • New Neighbourhood Watch groups have been established, with additional NHW signs placed across the ward, to show where the NHW schemes are in place. 
  • Multiple engagements conducted across the ward to build on established community relations, whilst also creating new relations with communities across the ward. PCSO Coe has recently established community contact with the Eritrean community, with a regular contact point in place with the women’s group. The crime prevention officer has delivered personal safety group sessions to women’s’, girls and vulnerable adults’ groups alongside NPT. In addition, the teams continue to engage with youth groups, residents’ groups, elderly action groups, along with attending community events. A recent community football tournament was held in the locality with Police and young people. More information will be shared regarding the fantastic sporting event, in the near future.

Ward Area - Gipton and Harehills - set April 2024

Lead Sergeant: PS 633 Goringe and PS 3315 Ellis
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 2640 Rawson, PC 1875 Farrar, and PC 5789 Dixon

  • To address reports and incidents linked to drugs supply, organised criminality, and street drinking, with a particular focus along Harehills Road, the Bayswater’s, and Ashton's in the Harehills section of the ward. As part of the Clear, Hold and Build Home Office initiative, locally named as CommUnity Harehills we will work with the community to develop intelligence and act on reports, and information received. We will hold targeted days of action, multi-agency operations and seek to obtain warrants, to pursue and disrupt offending.
  • To address Robbery and Theft from person occurrences, across Harehills. We will increase high visibility patrols across the raised and identified locations, with a view to disrupting offences, identifying offenders, and reducing the fear of crime. We will work closely with partner agencies such as Leeds City Council Leedswatch Team, and the Capable Guardians to gather CCTV evidence and increase the visibility footprint in the area whilst providing crime prevention advice and safety materials.

Update 6th June 2024

  • Following the launch of CommUnity Harehills in 2023, officers have conducted extensive work to target serious and organised crime as part of the Home Office’s ‘Clear, Hold, Build’ tactic. A news release was published in back in March 2024, to highlight the work and results achieved over the last 12 months with a whole system approach between Leeds East Neighbourhood Policing Team and multiple partner agencies. Further analysis of data will be conducted in the near future, you can access the previous news release and results achieved at: Crime down in Harehills by 40 per cent following focus on serious and organised crime | West Yorkshire Police

  • A large-scale operation was conducted in March 2024, following an operation to address Cannabis production in Harehills, Leeds. Four adult males were arrested and charged with conspiracy to produce a controlled drug and acquiring, using, or having possession of criminal property. They were charged to appear before the courts.
  • Sergeant Ellis the Neighbourhood Policing Team lead for CommUnity Harehills, has been working closely with Crimestoppers with dedicated work streams planned for the Harehills ward area, to raise awareness of anonymous reporting mechanisms and support available for the local community.
  • Working in partnership with Safer Leeds through the Clear, Hold and Build initiative two CCTV cameras have been installed on Sutherland Road and Ashton Place in response to community concerns of continuing drugs supply in the area.
  • Officers and PCSO's continue to engage and build positive relations with young people across the ward, following the previous local priority set to address youth related anti-social behaviour. Teams frequently attend the Junior Sports Hub at Bilal Mosque, The Bangladeshi Centre and CATCH. PC Rawson continues to hold the Youth Forum at the Junior Sports Hub. The next Youth Forum is due to be held on the 11th June 2024, at 18:00 hrs. You can keep up to date with our events and meetings at: Events and meetings | West Yorkshire Police
  • On the 5th April 2024, three adult males pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court to the supply of drugs in Harehills, worth a minimum of £1000 per day in sales. They were sentenced for a combined total of over seven years, for drugs offences. You can read the full news release at: Three Men Jailed for Drugs Offences In Harehills, Leeds | West Yorkshire Police
  • Following targeted and proactive patrols across the ward, along with personal safety crime prevention events conducted by the Crime Prevention officer there has been a significant reduction in Robbery and Theft from person occurrences. In April – May 2024 there were twenty recorded occurrences across the ward, this has since reduced to six recorded occurrences between May – June 2024 a significant reduction in demand. We will continue to conduct patrols and monitor demands.
  • A total of ten off-licenses in Harehills have had their licenses revoked, following a multi-agency approach to address street drinking, the illicit sales of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal activity. We will continue to respond to information and concerns raised by the communities we serve, alongside Leeds City Council Licensing, elected members and partners.

Ward Area - Killingbeck and Seacroft - set February 2024

Lead Sergeant: PS 2065 Penny
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 3558 Yates and PC 4133 Croft

  • To proactively address reports of drugs supply across the Seacroft ward and take positive enforcement actions. We will conduct targeted patrols to gather intelligence, and disrupt offenders involved in the supply of drugs. We will seek to obtain warrants and bring offenders involved in the supply of drugs to justice as part of Operation Balletmay, a targeted operation to address street level drug dealing, along with the anti-social and criminal usage of pedal cycles, electric motorbikes, and stolen vehicles. 
  • To seek to reduce the levels of youth related anti-social behaviour and criminality, with a particular focus across on the Seacroft and Killingbeck retail parks. We will deploy police resources to conduct targeted and proactive patrols, across the affected street locations, and retail premises. We will engage with retail premises regarding repeat behaviours identified, collating CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) evidence of criminality and anti-social behaviour. We will seek to take enforcement action against those repeatedly identified, as being involved in such behaviour. 

Update 6th June 2024

  • Officers continue to address reports of drugs supply and associated criminality across the ward as part of Operation Balletmay, which seeks to target and disrupt serious and organised criminality, along with addressing the anti-social and criminal use of pedal cycles, motorbikes, stolen vehicles, and anti-social behaviour.
  • Since the implementation of Operation Balletmay officers have disrupted criminality, stopped, and searched over 50 people and arrested fourteen individuals for a range of offences including possession with intent supply Class A and B drugs, prison recall, theft of motor vehicle, breach of license conditions and motoring offences inclusive of driving whilst over the prescribed limit, fail to stop and driving whilst disqualified. You can access the previous news release of actions taken at: Killingbeck and Seacroft Local Priority Updates - Operation Balletmay | West Yorkshire Police
  • Officers continue to gather intelligence from the communities we serve, partners and third sector agencies. Action will be taken in relation to information received, and several warrants have previously been executed across the ward resulting in arrests, drugs and money seized.
  • Several vehicles and stolen motorcycles have been seized by officers, during the operational deployments across the ward which has also seen officers tactically deploying a stinger, to disrupt anti-social vehicle use and vehicles used in crime.
  • A news release has been published to evidence some of the recent work conducted across the ward over the last six weeks, to address community concerns, local priorities and activities undertaken as part of Operation Balletmay. You can read more at: Several Arrested As Part Of Operation Balletmay - Killingbeck and Seacroft Local Priorities Update | West Yorkshire Police
  • We continue to conduct targeted patrols across the Killingbeck and Seacroft retail parks, which has seen a reduction in youth related anti-social behaviour reports. However, theft from shop offences continues to present demands across the sites and officers continue to deliver three weekly contact points at Asda and Tesco. Officers have also deployed to the locations with the crime prevention officer, to provide crime prevention information and advice to businesses and communities and site surveys have been conducted. A bike register event was also held at Halfords, York Road in Seacroft with further events being planned for the near future.

Outer East Priorities

Ward Area - Crossgates and Whinmoor - set February 2024

Lead Sergeant: PS 3550 Nicholson
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 4984 Pritchard,  PC 3003 Hale and PC 764 Drew

  • To continue addressing pockets of youth related Anti-social behaviour across the ward area with particular focus on the main retail locations of the Coop, Swarcliffe, The Post Office at Whinmoor Bus terminus, and Stanks Drive. We continue to work with partner agencies, particularly Youth Services, Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Teams and Housing providers, focusing on joint and smart approaches working to ensure the levels of ASB in this ward continue to reduce and remain low moving through 2024. The ‘smart’ approach involves more long-term interventions such as restorative work for young people. This approach includes increased referrals to signpost for support, identification of the best agency to take the lead with young people, and use of housing and tenancy enforcement action, against parents who fail in their responsibility to keep the young people behaving in an acceptable manner. In addition, there has been a focussed approach around the Coop, Swarcliffe due to repeat reports of Theft.
  • To continue our focus on addressing the use of stolen and off-road motorcycles driving illegally and in an anti-social manner in Swarcliffe, Stanks, Whinmoor and Crossgates. We have seen a significant reduction in the numbers of such motorcycles across the ward, however, we know that the motorcycles remain present in the area to some degree and our objective is to reduce this even further. We will achieve this by utilising a number of tools, primarily community information to identify where the bikes are being stored, and those responsible for the theft and illegal use of bikes. We will conduct proactive operations, which specifically target those offenders involved in this criminal and ASB activity, and the use of off-road motorcycles and quad bikes. Operation Dieselcrest is now managed by the Leeds District Off Road Bike team, however, Neighbourhood Policing Teams continue to work collaboratively with the officers, to ensure the best outcomes for the communities we serve.


Update 6th June 2024


  • Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) officers continue to address the repeat and persistent reports of Theft at the Co-op, Swarcliffe. On the 22nd March, an NPT officer responded to reports of a persistent shoplifter in the store. Unfortunately, the suspect had left prior to police arrival. However, he was spotted in the shop a couple of hours later continuing to commit theft, when the officer went to arrest the suspect, the adult male made violent threats to the officer and brandished a bladed article and attempted to attack the officer. As a result of the officers’ quick actions, the suspect was disarmed, arrested, and subsequently charged for multiple offences and remains in custody pending a court hearing. The arrest has resulted in further reprieve for the store, who were extremely happy with the work conducted by local officers to address the persistent shoplifting offences, but particularly the serious incident described above.
  • Following significant work undertaken by the NPT Officers and PCSO’s, inclusive of ‘Trojan’ Bus operations, high visibility and plain clothes patrols, a multi-agency approach with excellent support from Leeds City Council Youth Services who engaged with young people, support from Leedswatch providing CCTV support mechanisms and Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT), who issued anti-social behaviour advisory letters and tenancy warnings, we are pleased to report services have resumed as normal at the Whinmoor Bus Terminus, Swarcliffe. Previously, a number of buses were cancelled and rerouted, due to anti-social behaviour and criminal damage from young people at the site. There has been a significant reduction in demand across the area, we will continue to monitor any reports received and respond accordingly. 
  • A multi-agency approach was also implemented on the White Laithe estate, to address repeat reports of an adult male causing persistent anti-social behaviour, following multiple community concerns raised. Officers and partners attempted to positively engage with the subject, providing advice and guidance regarding acceptable behaviour, followed by written warnings. The subject failed to change his behaviour, which continued to have negative impact on local residents and the public. This has resulted in civil tenancy enforcement action being taken.
  • The team continue to work collaboratively with their neighbourhood colleagues at Inner East Leeds and the Off-Road Bike Team, to tackle the off road and stolen motorbikes being seen regularly in and around the ward areas. A significant number of motorcycles, scooters and E-bikes continue to be recovered, due to a combination of officers commitments to reduced demands and community intelligence. 

Ward Areas – Garforth and Swillington, Kippax, Methley and Villages – set February 2024

Lead Sergeant: APS 6248 Sutcliffe
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 3826 McAleese and PC 2484 Jenkins

  • To address public concerns of youth anti-social behaviour, drugs misuse and alcohol misuse across reported demand locations, with a particular focus on Barley Hill Park, Glebelands Park and Garforth Graveyard, Garforth and Station Road and Rocket Park, Allerton Bywater. We will continue to conduct targeted high visibility patrols at the affected locations, during peak times identified from call demand analysis and information provided by local communities. We will deploy in ‘plain clothes’ to gather intelligence and identify individuals involved in anti-social behaviour and criminality. We will work closely with the Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Youth Services, to respond to any repeat youths identified and divert young people into local provisions and planned activities in the locality. We will aim to inform, engage, and provide advice for young people so they can make safer choices, whilst signposting and referring young people who need further support.
  • To target and address multiple road safety concerns including speeding and parking offences across the ward areas. We will continue to arrange planned operations in line with Fatal4 to address speeding and driving offences in the communities we serve, along with utilising Speed Indication Devices to raise public awareness. We will work closely with Leeds City Council Parking Services to address repeat incidents and reports of local parking issues and obstructions. Penalty Notices will be issued, to anyone found to be causing an obstruction and parking on a pavement.

Update 26th April 2024

  • We have continued to conduct multiple targeted high visibility and plain clothes patrols, across the identified location to address reports of anti-social behaviour and suspected drugs use. Following recent Police and Community Together meetings and feedback from communities, we have added The Graveyard in Garforth and Station Road, Allerton Bywater to the areas of focus. We will continue to deploy across the locations, to identify young people involved in anti-social behaviour and to disrupt suspected drugs and alcohol misuse.
  • Following reports from Samuel Valentines Urban Food Hall, Station Road of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, we have conducted multiple patrols across the site, collating CCTV and identifying young people involved in such behaviour. A social media post was also circulated, which requested parents and guardians to speak with young people regarding acceptable behaviour and the consequences of such behaviour.
  • To address Road Safety concerns, PCSO’s have conducted further parking patrols at Great Preston Primary School, which is part of the School Streets programme, whereby parking time restrictions are in place. The deployments resulted in several tickets being issued, for dangerous and illegal parking and followed on from previous warnings issued. Targeted patrols were also conducted across Hungate Lane, Methley following reports of people engaging in sexual activity in a public place. No individuals identified to date; however, officers will continue to monitor the location and positive action will be taken against any person identified. 
  • The Leeds District Off-Road Bike Team and NPT officers have been deploying across the ward area, a quad bike was recovered in Micklefield. 
  • In April 2024, following a series of Burglaries across the Kippax ward officers from the Leeds District Crime Team arrested an adult male who was charged with four burglaries, attempted theft from a motor vehicle, assault of an emergency worker and failing to provide a sample for a Class A drug test. He was remanded in custody, pending further court hearings.

Ward Area - Temple Newsam and Halton - set February 2024 

Lead Sergeant: PS 1685 Crook and APS 4721
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 2352 Crooks  and PC 687 Campbell

  • To address road safety concerns and road related offences, across the Temple Newsam and Halton ward with a particular focus on Temple Newsam Park and The Springs Retail Park. We will continue to proactively deploy in line with Fatal4, to address vehicular nuisance, speeding and driving offences in line with Operation Dieselcrest and Operation Republic. We will proactively deploy at peak times identified and work closely with site management teams, to obtain and review CCTV footage, in order to identify offenders. We will work closely with Leeds City Anti-Social Behaviour Team, to take enforcement action against those repeatedly involved in the anti-social use of vehicles inclusive of anti-social car meets. 
  • To address reports of urban street gangs and organised criminal groups involved in the supply of drugs and serious violence, particularly across the Wykebecks and Halton Moor sections of the ward. As part of Operation Doleedge and Operation Anthenmill, we will seek to obtain warrants and bring offenders involved in the supply of drugs and associated criminality to justice. We will utilise a range of operational tactics to disrupt offending, identify offenders and gather intelligence. We will work closely with partner agencies, to utilise all enforcement methods at our disposal, inclusive of seeking to obtain premise closure orders on properties, whilst ensuring vulnerable victims are identified, signposted and safeguarded accordingly. We will work proactively alongside partner agencies and third sectors to educate, disrupt and divert young people away from criminality.

Update 5th June 2024

  • As part of Operation Anthenmill and Operation Shield, the dedicated youth violence engagement officer alongside Leeds City Council Youth Services continue to conduct proactive diversionary patrols, to engage with identified young individuals and divert them away from criminality. 
  • In line with Operation Doleedge, we continue to engage with local communities to gather intelligence in relation to the supply and production of drugs. We will continue to disrupt such offending and obtain Misuse of Drugs warrants, in response to information received.
  • Officers located and arrested a prolific offender on two occasions, for multiple theft from shop offences, affray, and criminal damage. 
  • Multiple Road Safety and proactive deployments have been conducted across the ward resulting in arrests, vehicle seizures, motorists issued with traffic offence reports or reported for summons, drugs and stolen property seized. 
  • A local priority news release has been published to highlight the actions taken and can be accessed at: Local Priority Updates For Temple Newsam and Halton | West Yorkshire Police


We reviewed frequently and will be amended in line with community concerns, raised issues at Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings and identified risks and information obtained from local policing analysis. 

We will frequently share news updates on Social Media channels, Community Alert and via the West Yorkshire Police Website.

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