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Covering : Allerton Bywater, Burmantofts, Cross Gates, Garforth, Gipton, Halton Moor, Harehills, Killingbeck, Kippax, Methley, Richmond Hill, Seacroft, Swarcliffe, Swillington, Temple Newsam, Whinmoor and surrounding areas.

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Neighbourhood Priorities


Start Date: October 2020

Review Date: December 2020


Burmantofts and Richmond Hill

To target and address Anti-Social vehicle use, particularly occurrences and reports relating to Nuisance Motorcycles around the Cross Green area of the Ward.

We will be analysing data of calls received to identify repeat demand locations, conducting targeted patrols and planned operations involving the dedicated Off Road Motorcycle Unit. We will issue Section 59 Notices to individuals using Motorcycles in an anti-social manner and will seize vehicles persistently involved in such behaviour.


To pro-actively work alongside Partner Agencies to address the recent increase in reports of Begging and Vagrancy occurrences, inclusive of Drugs use and supply within local residential tower blocks in the Lincoln Green area of the Ward.

We will work alongside partners to identify, engage and signpost those involved, along with taking legal action against those who commit crime or breach any orders issued. We will ensure vulnerable adults are signposted accordingly to ensure the appropriate level of support is in place. Targeted and pro-active patrols will be conducted at the affected locations and planned operations will be completed with Partner Agencies.


Gipton and Harehills

To improve community engagement, particularly with new and emerging communities in the locality and provide additional support to vulnerable adults and children within the local communities served.

We will utilise key community contacts to reach out to new and emerging communities in the area, have localised tasking groups to address any emerging concerns and attend Community and Local groups to forge key relations.

We will also ensure those identified as being vulnerable in the community are signposted and referred to Partner Agencies so the appropriate levels of support are in place and they are safeguarded accordingly.


To address Anti-Social Behaviour in the locality including incidents that are linked to street drinking and drugs supply.

We will obtain and gather community intelligence to obtain and conduct Drugs Warrants and Closure Orders on properties involved in the supply of drugs.

We will engage, disperse and signpost those identified to be involved in street drinking in the locality and will work with partner agencies to pro-actively address long term issues in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour that adversely effects the local communities we serve.


Killingbeck and Seacroft

To address Youth Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Damage occurrences across Crossgates, Seacroft and Killingbeck.

We will continue to commit resources to the locations identified in particular on late shifts and weekends when the reported demand is higher. Where available and appropriate other resources will be brought into the area including Leeds City Council ASB Teams, Youth Services, Off Road Motorcycle Unit, Specials and Volunteers.

The current and extensive use of Dispersal Orders and planned operations will continue to be used as a tool to displace and prosecute offenders where appropriate to do so and updates regarding actions taken will be provided at Community Meetings and via WYP Social Media Channels.


To continue to work alongside Partner Agencies primarily Leeds City Council ASB Teams, Housing Support and Private Lettings in relation to the Kingsdale Court Complex in Seacroft.

The location remains an epi-centre of Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminality with poor living conditions provided. A Closure Order has been obtained on Farnley House and Gilstead House. We will continue to provide pro-active patrols at the location, gather intelligence and address repeat incidents of ASB and Criminality in the area.

We will continue to assist and work with Partner Agencies to find a long term resolution for the site which adversely effects local residents in the area and causes fear for a number of residents housed within the complex due to deteriorating properties, criminality and ASB.


Crossgates and Whinmoor

To address Youth Anti- Social Behaviour around Swarcliffe Parade and the Langbar Childrens Centre

We will conduct targeted patrols in the area and surrounding streets to address the increase in reports regarding Youth ASB in these areas. In addition we will work closely with Partner Agencies to pro-actively deal with the youths identified by way of action from Leeds City Council  Anti-Social Behaviour Teams, along with signposting youths to local provisions in the area.


To address public concerns of vehicles speeding around the Coal Road, Whinmoor area.

We will utilise Speed Indication Devices in the area to monitor and address the reports of speeding in the locality. In addition to this we will request support from the Roads Policing Unit for regular checks to be conducted in the area and monitor demand and data information obtained.


Garforth, Kippax, Swillington and Villages

To address public concerns of Youth Anti-Social Behaviour and issues highlighted around young people involved in the use of Nitrous Oxide, Alcohol Consumption and Swimming in Open Waters at the following locations:

  • Glebelands Park
  • St Aidens Nature Reserve
  • Fairburn Ings
  • The Quarry at Swillington

We will provide high visibility patrols in the affected locations during the peak times identified from call demand analysis and information provided by local residents. In addition to this we will work closely with the Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team to respond to any repeat youths identified.

We will also support Leeds City Council Youth Services who will be providing provisions in the areas identified by diverting and signposting local youths into planned activities and provisions available.

Social Media channels will be utilised to share important safety messages regarding the illegal use of alcohol and drugs and the dangers of swimming in open waters.

We will aim to inform, engage and provide advice in order for young people to make the correct choices along with signposting and referring young people who need further support.


To target and address multiple Road Safety concerns including Speeding and Parking Offences.

We will continue to arrange planned operations in line with Fatal4 to address speeding and driving offences in the Communities we serve along with utilising Speed Indication Devices in the area and will take action accordingly.

In addition to this we will work closely with Leeds City Council Parking Services to address repeat incidents and reports of local parking issues and obstructions. Penalty Notices will be issued for anyone found to be causing an obstruction and parking on a pavement.


Temple Newsam and Halton

To target and address reports of Anti-Social vehicle use and speeding on and around Halton, Whitkirk and Temple Newsam.

We will be increasing patrols in the area, we will utilise Speed Indication Devices and issue Penalty Notices to vehicles found to be causing an obstruction.

We will also request the presence of the Off Road Motorcycle Unit in the areas affected by Nuisance Motorcycle Demand in order to address the reports received and identify persistent offenders.


To disrupt and engage with Nuisance Youths involved in Anti-Social Behaviour around Colton Retail Park.

We will conduct targeted patrols at the location during the peak times of reported issues and from information obtained from local businesses in the area. We will aim to identify youths involved and work with Partner Agencies including Leeds City Council Youth Services to divert youths involved in such behaviour into local provisions.

In addition to this any youths identified as repeatedly causing Anti-Social Behaviour will be referred into Leeds City Anti-Social Behaviour Team for appropriate action to be taken.


Community and Policing Priorities are reviewed frequently and will be amended frequently in line with community concerns, risks and information obtained from Local Policing Analysis.


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