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Neighbourhood Priorities

Ward Area – Leeds East wide - set July 2023

Lead Inspector: INSP 4072 Nicholls

Lead Sergeants: PS 0801 Collett and PS 1125 Bell

  • To address anti-social motorcycles, vehicular nuisance, and associated criminality across the Leeds East ward areas. As part of Operation Dieselcrest and Operation Republic we will continue to proactively gather intelligence and identify those involved in the anti-social use of motorcycles, vehicles, and associated criminality. We will continue to monitor and respond to incident demands, collate evidence, conduct disruption visits on known offenders, holding targeted days of action across the Leeds East ward areas. In addition, we continue to work collaboratively alongside partner agencies to utilise all enforcement methods available, against those repeatedly involved in such behaviour.

Update 31st October 2023

  • Since the introduction of Operation Dieselcrest and original local priority set in October 2022, there has been a significant reduction in nuisance motorcycle and quad bike calls across the East Leeds area, in comparison to the previous year. As previously highlighted in the September review, the local priority was updated and re-set in July 2023 to incorporate Operation Republic, which was implemented alongside North Yorkshire Police to tackle illegal, anti-social and dangerous car meets, across the force borders and Leeds East Neighbourhoods. The previous news release can still be accessed at: Police forces join together to tackle illegal car meets | North Yorkshire Police
  • Following on from the previous Operation Dieselcrest review, the Operation Leodis Team alongside Leeds City Council have secured a further two Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Orders (ASBI). This brings the running totals to fourteen Community Protection Notice warnings (CPNW), one Community Protection Notice, four ASBI’s and one five-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).
  • We continue to conduct proactive patrols as part of Operation Dieselcrest and Operation Republic, which has resulted in several arrests, drugs, motorcycles, quad bikes, weapons, and vehicles seized. In addition, officers have been distributing and placing the PSPO signs, across repeat demand locations inclusive of the Springs Retail Park and the Temple Newsam House and Park estate.

Inner East Priorities

Ward Area - Burmantofts and Richmond Hill - set August 2023

Lead Sergeant: PS 3893 Attree
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1001 Coopman and PC 1353 Rooks

  • To address reports of urban street gangs and organised criminal groups involved in serious and organised crime, particularly across the Lincoln Green and Burmantofts section of the ward. We will gather intelligence and disrupt offenders involved in urban street gangs, organised criminal groups as part of Operation Anthenmill and we will arrest offenders. We will work collaboratively alongside partner agencies to ensure vulnerable victims are identified, signposted, and safeguarded accordingly. We will work proactively alongside partner agencies and third sectors to educate, disrupt, and divert young people away from criminality.
  • To address reports of drugs supply and use across Burmantofts and Richmond Hill. As part of the Clear, Hold and Build initiative and Operation Bakegreen, we will gather community intelligence to obtain and conduct drugs warrants on properties, involved in the supply of drugs. We will conduct proactive and targeted patrols, to gather intelligence and disrupt offenders involved in such criminality. We will seek to obtain warrants and bring offenders, involved in the supply of drugs to justice.

Update 31st October 2023

  • To address reports of urban street gangs and organised criminal groups across Lincoln Green and Burmantofts, we have conducted focused and proactive patrols, gathering intelligence to identify and disrupt offenders. The multi-agency approach remains in place for vulnerable residents at risk of cuckooing, regular meetings are held, and support mechanisms are in place for vulnerable victims. Working alongside Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team, several partial premise closure orders have been secured on properties, across the affected localities.
  • In addition, we have conducted several days of action supported by West Yorkshire Operational Support Teams and partner agencies. The recent days of action included a partnership operation with West Yorkshire Trading Standards, in the Cross Green area. The operation resulted in illicit and contraband cigarettes, and electronic tobacco products being seized. On the 5th October 2023, officers were joined by WYP Mounted officers for a day of action, across the Haslewoods and Shakespeare’s in Lincoln Green. A vehicle was seized for no insurance, officers spoke to communities and gathered intelligence for further action.
  • Police Community Support Officers continue to conduct engagement sessions alongside Youth Provision providers, across the ward to build positive relations with young people. Focused educational inputs, in relation to knife and drug related crime have been delivered, to raise awareness of the dangers and to divert young people away from criminality. In addition, officers have recently delivered school inputs for the Halloween and Bonfire periods, to raise awareness of the potential dangers, whilst educating young people on how to keep safe.
  • In response to public concerns regarding drug supply across Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, we have obtained and executed several misuse of drugs warrants and held proactive operations as part of Clear, Hold and Build - Operation Bakegreen. This has resulted in drugs being seized, several arrests and suspects remanded into prison. On Monday 16th October 2023, the Leeds District Neighbourhood Impact Team, alongside NPT officers executed a Misuse of Drugs warrant on Roseville Road, just on the border of the Burmantofts and Richmond Hill ward. A significant quantity of Cannabis was located in the commercial premise, worth £1.85 million and two adult males were arrested. The full news release can be accessed at: Operation Bakegreen Deployment Uncovers Cannabis Farm worth £1.85 Million, Leeds | West Yorkshire Police

Ward Area - Gipton and Harehills - set August 2023

Lead Sergeant: PS 633 Goringe and PS 3315 Ellis
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 2640 Rawson, PC 1875 Farrar, and PC 5789 Dixon

  • To address reports and incidents linked to drugs supply, organised criminality, and street drinking, with a particular focus along Harehills Road, the Bayswater’s, and Ashton's in the Harehills section of the ward. As part of the Clear, Hold and Build Home Office initiative, locally named as CommUnity Harehills we will work with the community to develop intelligence and act on reports, and information received. We will hold targeted days of action, multi-agency operations and seek to obtain warrants, to pursue and disrupt offending.
  • To target youth-related anti-social behaviour throughout Harehills. We will increase high visibility patrols across the raised and identified locations, to identify young people involved. We will work closely with partners in Youth Service Provisions, to engage with young people, in order to direct them into available diversionary activities. In addition, we will liaise with Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team, to review and take action against those repeatedly involved in anti-social behaviour.

Update 31st October 2023

  • On the 11th October 2023, in partnership with the local ward Councillors the Chief Inspector of Leeds District Neighbourhood Policing Teams, the NPT and CommUnity Harehills Sergeants, attended the Bangladeshi Centre, for a Community Safety questions and answers session. The event was successful, and it was great to see so many members of the local community attend.
  • NPT officers continue to deploy to locations identified, as repeat demand areas for anti-social behaviour. Following information provided by local youth provision providers, a social media post was circulated highlighting the range of activities available in the community, over the Halloween and Bonfire periods. PCSO's have also been assigned to attend CATCH every three weeks, to build relations with young people and work is ongoing to establish if a Leeds East PCSO can support the Junior Sports Hub, at Bilal Sports Centre with cricket coaching.

Ward Area - Killingbeck and Seacroft - set April 2023

Lead Sergeant: A/PS 1571 Halloran
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1000 Bradley, PC 3558 Yates and PC 4133 Croft

  • To proactively address reports of drugs supply across the Seacroft ward and take positive enforcement actions. We will conduct targeted patrols to gather intelligence, and disrupt offenders involved in the supply of drugs. We will seek to obtain warrants and bring offenders involved in the supply of drugs to justice.
  • To seek to reduce the levels of youth related anti-social behaviour and criminality across the Killingbeck and Seacroft sections of the ward, with a particular focus across on Brooklands Close and the Killingbeck and Seacroft retail parks. We will deploy police resources to conduct targeted and proactive patrols, across the affected street locations, retail premises and derelict buildings. We will engage with retail premises regarding repeat behaviours identified, collating CCTV evidence of criminality and anti-social behaviour. We will seek to take enforcement action against those repeatedly identified, as being involved in such behaviour. We will also engage with and educate young people on the dangers of entering derelict buildings, whilst signposting them into suitable youth provisions available.

Update 31st October 2023

  • To address drugs supply on the 30th October 2023, officers were conducting patrols following continued reports of drugs supply in the Central Seacroft locality, encompassing the Ring Road Seacroft, York Road, Seacroft Avenue and The Green. An adult male was arrested on suspicion of Possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, and the investigation remains ongoing.
  • We continue to conduct targeted patrols across the Killingbeck and Seacroft retail parks, engaging with young people involved in anti-social behaviour at the sites, signposting them into local provisions available and have submitted referrals for those repeatedly identified as causing anti-social behaviour. As a result, we have liaised with the Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team and ASB link officers, who issued several anti-social behaviour warning letters to young people involved. PCSO's Marsh and Smith are currently arranging a multi-agency meeting, to discuss a recent increase in anti-social behaviour demands and criminality across the Seacroft Retail Park, Seacroft Avenue and surrounding street locations.
  • Following on from the multi-agency approach with Operation Leodis and Leeds City Council partners, across Brooklands Close to address incidents of damage, public order, assaults, harassment, and arson. A survey and analysis evidenced that crime across the street reduced by 76.5% and 73% of residents reported they felt there was less anti-social behaviour. On the 18th October 2023, officers conducted reassurance visits across the street as part of Hate Crime Awareness week, to visit previous victims of crime. No new issues were reported, residents reported a maintained improvement across the cul-de-sac. 

Outer East Priorities

Ward Area - Crossgates and Whinmoor - set September 2023

Lead Sergeant: PS 3550 Nicholson
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 4984 Pritchard PC 3003 Hale

  • To address reports of anti-social behaviour involving young people, with a particular focus on the White Laith Shops, the Bus Terminus and Whinmoor Library. We will utilise a multi-agency approach to tackle the rise in anti-social behaviour from young people, at the Bus Terminus and surrounding shops and buildings following reports of nuisance behaviour, bus surfing, criminal damage, and littering. We have and will continue to work with partner agencies, primarily Leeds City Council Youth Services team in order to support early intervention, educating young people as to the dangers of these types of anti-social behaviour, and will work with Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team to review those repeatedly involved in such behaviours. We will liaise and work with First Bus Service to address the reported demands, collate and view CCTV, with a view to identifying those involved.
  • To continue our focus on addressing the use of stolen and off-road motorcycles driving illegally and in an anti-social manner in Swarcliffe, Stanks, Whinmoor and Crossgates. We have seen a significant reduction in the numbers of such motorcycles across the ward, however, we know that the motorcycles remain present in the area to some degree and our objective is to reduce this even further. We will achieve this by utilising a number of tools, primarily community information to identify where the bikes are being stored, and those responsible for the theft and illegal use of bikes. We will conduct targeted operations in line with Operation Dieselcrest, which specifically targets those offenders involved in this criminal and ASB activity, and the use of the off-road motorcycle team.

Update 31st October 2023

  • To address anti-social behaviour across the previous demand locations namely the East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) and Swarcliffe, we conducted high visibility and plain-clothes proactive patrols. We worked with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour team to issue tenancy warnings to parents of young children, repeatedly involved in such ASB. We liaised and worked alongside Leeds City Council Youth Services, to identify, engage and educate young people involved in the anti-social behaviour. As a result of the proactive work across the ward, two young people were identified and charged for damage to motor vehicles across the ELOR, and a further two were identified for criminal damage to property at a local primary school.  In addition, we worked alongside the elected members to host additional contact points and community meetings, to reach communities in Swarcliffe.
  • In line with the new anti-social behaviour locations identified, to date we have provided an increased and visible presence across the areas affected and utilised the FIRST Leeds ‘Trojan’ bus to deploy to the locality, to disrupt and prevent any offences. We have liaised with Leeds City Council Youth Service in our Community Safety multi-agency tasking meetings, who have advised they have been attending the location to speak with young people and divert them into provisions available and a new provision has been implemented for targeted work. The Leeds City Council Community Hub and Library at Whinmoor also introduced the use of body-warn video footage as a trial, across the site following the increased anti-social behaviour, which proved to be successful. 
  • Several young people have been identified as being involved in repeat incidents of anti-social behaviour, referrals were submitted to the Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team. As a result nine young people have been issued with Anti-Social Behaviour advisory letters and parents have been issued with parent advisory letters, regarding their child's involvement in such behaviour. Behaviour will be monitored and should the young people continue to be involved in such anti-social behaviour, further enforcement action may be taken.
  • We continue to deploy as part of Operation Dieselcrest to robustly tackle the primary offenders, serving community protection notices and injunctions on those persistently involved in criminal and anti-social behaviour.


Ward Areas – Garforth and Swillington, Kippax, Methley and Villages – set February 2023

Lead Sergeant: PS 0801 Collett
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 3826 McAleese and PC 2484 Jenkins

  • To address public concerns of youth anti-social behaviour, drugs misuse and alcohol misuse across public park areas with a particular focus on Barley Hill Park, Garforth, Glebelands Park, Garforth and Rocket Park, Millennium Village, Allerton Bywater. We will continue to conduct targeted high visibility patrols at the affected locations, during peak times identified from call demand analysis and information provided by local communities. We will deploy in ‘plain clothes’ to gather intelligence and identify individuals involved in anti-social behaviour and criminality. We will work closely with the Leeds City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Youth Services, to respond to any repeat youths identified and divert young people into local provisions and planned activities in the locality. We will aim to inform, engage, and provide advice for young people so they can make safer choices, whilst signposting and referring young people who need further support.
  • To target and address multiple road safety concerns including speeding and parking offences across the ward areas. We will continue to arrange planned operations in line with Fatal4 to address speeding and driving offences in the communities we serve, along with utilising Speed Indication Devices to raise public awareness. We will work closely with Leeds City Council Parking Services to address repeat incidents and reports of local parking issues and obstructions. Penalty Notices will be issued, to anyone found to be causing an obstruction and parking on a pavement.

Update 27th November 2023

  • We have conducted multiple targeted high visibility and plain clothes Operations across Barley Hill Park, Main Street, Garforth and Fiddler Close and Lane, to address reports of anti-social behaviour and suspected drugs use. Several young people were identified during the operation, whereby stop and search powers were utilised by officers. Those identified were issued with out of court disposals for possession of a Class B drug - namely Cannabis and signposted accordingly.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to address road safety concerns, we have delivered road safety lessons in schools and conducted multiple schools parking patrols, with advice given to parents regarding safe parking. Since July 2023, when we released our Road Safety Matters Local Priority update Road Safety Matters - Local Priority Update | West Yorkshire Police we have conducted multiple road safety deployments, alongside West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit, neighbouring forces and partner agencies, resulting in multiple arrests, vehicles, drugs and weapon seizures and enforcement actions taken.

Ward Area - Temple Newsam and Halton - set August 2023 

Lead Sergeant: PS 1125 Bell
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1438 Mortimer and PC 687 Campbell

  • To address road safety concerns and road related offences, across the Temple Newsam and Halton ward with a particular focus on Temple Newsam Park and The Springs Retail Park. We will continue to proactively deploy in line with Fatal4, to address vehicular nuisance, speeding and driving offences in line with Operation Dieselcrest and Operation Republic. We will proactively deploy at peak times identified and work closely with site management teams, to obtain and review CCTV footage, in order to identify offenders. We will work closely with Leeds City Anti-Social Behaviour Team, to take enforcement action against those repeatedly involved in the anti-social use of vehicles inclusive of anti-social car meets. 
  • To address reports of urban street gangs and organised criminal groups involved in the supply of drugs and serious violence, particularly across the Wykebecks and Halton Moor sections of the ward. As part of Operation Doleedge and Operation Anthenmill, we will seek to obtain warrants and bring offenders involved in the supply of drugs and associated criminality to justice. We will utilise a range of operational tactics to disrupt offending, identify offenders and gather intelligence. We will work closely with partner agencies, to utilise all enforcement methods at our disposal, inclusive of seeking to obtain premise closure orders on properties, whilst ensuring vulnerable victims are identified, signposted and safeguarded accordingly. We will work proactively alongside partner agencies and third sectors to educate, disrupt and divert young people away from criminality.

Update 31st October 2023

  • We have conducted multiple road safety deployments across the ward, recovering and seizing motorcycles and vehicles involved in Anti-Social Behaviour and criminality. On the 1st October 2023, NPT officers seized a quad bike on Kendall Drive in Halton Moor. After a short foot chase, officers caught the driver of the vehicle and they were subsequently reported for driving without insurance and a licence. In addition, officers from Op SPARC deployed across Halton Moor on the 4th October 2023, resulting in thirteen traffic offence reports being issued, for speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, using a handheld device whilst driving, window tints and driving without insurance.
  • To address serious and organised crime and violence across the ward we have conducted house to house engagements, across identified street locations to meet residents, delivering key contact information and discussed local issues and concerns with them. In response to community feedback, incidents, and crime we have implemented a new Operation alongside the Burmantofts and Richmond Hill NPT Team called Operation Anthenmill, which sits alongside Operation Doleedge and replaces Operation Bunkmill.

Community and Policing Priorities are reviewed frequently and will be amended in line with community concerns, raised issues at Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings and identified risks and information obtained from local policing analysis. 

We will frequently share news updates on Social Media channels, Community Alert and via the West Yorkshire Police Website.

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