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Neighbourhood Priorities

(Current 03.10.23)


Public Priority - Anti-social behaviour - The Moor Allerton Centre is the main hotspot for youth ASB caused by off-road motor cycles, quads and cars along the part of King Lane to the West of The Moor Allerton Centre which is historically an issue which generates calls in the summer months and despite lockdown this appears to be emerging once again. We will address this issue through the use of high visibility, proactive patrols at the key times to reassure the public and be a visible deterrent.

Police Priority - Residential Burglary - The residential parts of the ward immediately north of the Ring Road both to the East and West of its junction with Harrogate Road are particular hotspots and it is believed that the main threat is from offenders travelling in from other parts of Leeds and Bradford. We will utilise crime prevention to target harden and deploy intelligence led patrols at the key times to disrupt and deter offences. 


Public Priority - Road Safety - There is public concern about the speed of traffic passing along the A58. Collingham and Bardsey being most notable. We will address this issue through the use of proactive patrols in the area using both the speed indicating device to engage and educate the public around the dangers of excess speed and also the pro-laser device to secure evidence for enforcement action.

Police Priority - Residential Burglary - Overnight offences in the villages of Shadwell, Scarcroft, Bardsey and Collingham. The police will tackle this through the use of intelligence led patrols at the key times to disrupt and deter offences and we will utilise crime prevention methods to target harden properties in the area. 


Public Priority - Road Safety – speeding has been raised as a concern across the ward. We are currently working with colleagues from Safer Roads, in an initiative funded by local Councillors, and are conducting dedicated days of action targeting excess speed. The local NPT will conduct high visibility patrols and use both the Pro-Laser and a speed indicator device to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding. We will work with the local authority to seek post implementation reviews of 20mph zones to assess the effectiveness of these areas in reducing speed.

Antisocial behaviour – we will conduct intelligence led, high profile patrols to deter antisocial behaviour and instances of damage and will be focusing on Wetherby and Stables Lane.

Police Priority - Residential Burglary - In the residential communities in Wetherby itself and the villages of Boston Spa, Clifford and Bramham. Day time offences of opportunity, e.g. sneak in burglaries. We will tackle this through crime prevention to target harden and intelligence led patrols at the key times to disrupt and deter offences. 

Address commercial burglaries at Thorp Arch through intelligence led patrols at the key times supported by colleagues from a range of departments.

Chapel Allerton

Public Priority - Off-road vehicles, particularly in the areas of the Miles Hills, St. Martins, Scott Hall Playing Fields and Potternewton Park. The police will use community intelligence as well as targeted patrols to identify owners and riders and deal with any offences robustly.

Police - Priority - Anti-social behaviour in Potternewton, Chapel Allerton and Roundhay Park. We will address this through the use of high visibility patrols to engage with the public and to be a visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour.


Public Priority - We are tackling antisocial behaviour in the Oakwood area and we are doing this through highly visible patrols to deter anti social behaviour. We will engage with people we suspect of committing antisocial behaviour and seek to deter them this behaviour. We will work with partners to use enforcement where appropriate.

We will conduct high profile patrols in Roundhay park to provide a visible deterrent to crime and antisocial behaviour.

Police Priority - Residential burglary. We have secured partnership funding and we are currently installing upgraded locks and other crime reduction security devices to vulnerable properties in the ward. We will continue to focus intelligence led patrols in the key areas at the relevant times to provide a visible deterrent to those seeking to commit burglary crimes.


Public Priority - Road safety - the Team will be focusing on antisocial vehicle use including speeding, drink/drug driving, careless driving and the use of off-road vehicles on the road. We will utilise high visibility patrols and the use of speed indication devices. There is a range of legislation available including s.59 warnings which includes the power to seize vehicles being used in an antisocial manner.

Police Priority - Residential Burglary - we will use intelligence led patrols in the areas of Church Lane, Church Avenue, Greenwood Mount and Green Road to prevent potential burglary crimes.

* If you have any information in relation to any of these issues please contact the police by ringing 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or use the CrimeStoppers website



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