Leeds North West

Covering : Adel, Guiseley, Headingley, Horsforth, Hyde Park, Rawdon, Otley, Weetwood, Woodhouse, Yeadon and surrounding areas.

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Neighbourhood Priorities -  Outer North West Area


  • Tackling anti-social behaviour/begging and low level crime around retail parks
  • Tackling shed and house burglaries


  • Tackling anti-social behaviour/begging Town Street and New Road side areas
  • Delivering vehicle crime prevention and increased patrols in crime hotspots

Yeadon & Rawdon

  • Increased patrols around Queensway re anti-social behaviour and burglary offences.
  • Dealing with road safety issues/speed reduction in both Yeadon and Rawdon

Adel & Wharfedale

  • Dealing with road safety issues/speed reduction
  • Tackling drug related crime in the Holtdales


  • Tackling graffiti damage around Otley centre
  • Shed and garage burglaries


Neighbourhood Priorities - Inner North West Area  


  • Road safety issues including speeding around the Tinshill area
  • ASB and noise nuisance around the Far Headingley area.

Headingley / Hyde Park

  • Tackling burglary offenders and delivering crime prevention advice across Headingley and Hyde Park
  • ASB and noise nuisance around the Headingley area

Little London / Woodhouse

  • Street robberies in the Little London area
  • ASB and drug use in Woodhouse




How you can take action...

Report crime
Use the local contacts, or there is more detailed information about reporting crime, and contacting police, on the “Contact us” page.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country with over 10 million members. Full details are available in the Neighbourhood Watch section.

Get involved or volunteer
Get involved, volunteer or contact your local team on the contact numbers to see what you can do to help. See more details about Police Volunteers in the recruitment section.

Compliment an officer, or make a complaint
Either contact your local police station or use the online compliment / complaint forms.

More information about West Yorkshire Police, policies and procedures
See the Publication Scheme section.


Leeds District Community Trigger
A process to help repeat victims of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Leeds area.
Click here to read more about the Leeds District Community Trigger.

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Theft From Shop
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