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Neighbourhood Priorities

Leeds South NPT Inspector: Inspector Perry 2831

Ward Area Beeston and Holbeck updated on 5th October 2022
Covering the areas of Beeston, Cottingley and Holbeck

Lead Area Sergeant: Vacancy
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC Sutton

To act on community intelligence to tackle and disrupt the illegal supply of drugs in the Beeston and Holbeck area. We will be increasing high visibility patrols in the area and using a number of different tactics to disrupt the drugs supply including executing warrants where we have intelligence. You can help us by reporting any information or concerns you have directly to us or by using Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or crimestoppers-uk.org

To continue to work in partnership to tackle the problems caused by on-street sex working in the Holbeck area of Leeds. Dedicated officers will conduct intelligence led, high visibility patrols in the Holbeck area and will respond to community concerns raised through the dedicated phone number.

Ongoing Updates from NPT Priorities above

Weekly tasking meetings have been held with partners to create bespoke action plans for individuals involved in sex working. Enforcement action has been taken against individuals committing offences in the area.


Ward Area – Hunslet and Riverside updated on 5th October 2022
Covering the areas of Hunslet

Lead Area Sergeant: Vacancy
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 5638 Jefferies

To reduce persistent begging in the Dewsbury Road area – through proactive high-visibility patrols and partnership working, we shall work to engage with those involved in persistent begging in the area, encouraging those individuals to access support services and taking action against those who continue to persistently beg.

To act on community intelligence to tackle and disrupt the illegal supply of drugs and the linked anti-social behaviour which affects those living in the community. We will conduct high visibility patrols in the area and use a number of different tactics to disrupt the drugs supply, including executing warrants where we have intelligence. You can help us by reporting any information or concerns you have directly to us or by using Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Updates from previous priorities

As a result of increased patrols, crime prevention advice being given to residents and businesses in the Fox Way Industrial area we have seen a decrease in theft offences in this particular area however we will continue to monitor this and still provide high visibility patrols to deter offenders.

Drug supply – Officers have utilised a variety of policing tactics, including warrants and stop search to disrupt drug supply in the area. We have also worked with partner agencies resulting in closure orders being obtained in relation to problem addresses linked with drugs and drug related anti-social behaviour.


Ward Area – Middleton and Belle Isle updated on 29th December 2022
Covering the areas of Belle Isle and Middleton

Lead Area Sergeant: PS 5648 Lund
Lead Area Problem Solving Officers: PC 5176 Wainwright 

To target Anti-Social Vehicle use, speeding and inconsiderate driving of off road biker, scooters, quads and electric bikes in and around Sharp Lane / Middleton parks and Belle isle road near to the Aberfield’s. We will be increasing patrols in the areas on conjunction with the off road motorcycle teams.

To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths at Acre road, Sisson’s, Middleton park avenue area and the surrounding streets in particular the disruption and criminal damages to the buses. If you have any information in relation to this issue please ring 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or crimestoppers-uk.org

To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths in the Middleton park circus around the shops.

Monthly community meeting on the 1st Monday of each month, 1800hrs at the Middleton elderly aid in conjunction with the Middleton community group. 

To target the anti-social behaviour around the shops and Bitmo on Belle isle road

Updates on continuing priorities:

Anti-social vehicle use– We have maintained a Police presence in the area and work is ongoing to trace the location the bikes are stored.


Ward Area - Morley South updated on 5th October 2022
Covering the areas of Morley South

Lead Area Sergeant - PS 83 Martin
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 4335 Brown

To engage with nuisance youths, particularly targeting those engaged in Anti-Social Behaviour within the local parks. We will use conduct high visibility patrols and where proportionate use Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation, such as dispersal orders if necessary. We will continue to work in partnership with Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team (LASBT) to engage positively with those in the parks.

To target and take appropriate action against anti-social use of vehicles in and around the Morley area paying attention to specific roads highlighted by community intelligence. This will include focused speed enforcement.

We will continue to act upon community intelligence in relation to the use and supply of drugs.

Updates from ongoing priorities above:

Our community contact van has a regular booking on Queen Street in Morley Town Centre parked outside Santander. This is every 3rd Sunday and dates are published on our Facebook page.

We have continued regular high visibility patrols around Windsor Court and Morley Town Centre to deter anti-social behaviour.


Ward Area – Morley North updated on 5th October 2022
Covering the areas of Drighlington, Churwell and Gildersome.

Lead Area Sergeant: PS 3147 Duncan
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1510 Mabbett and PC 3300 Sheldon

To target and take appropriate action against speeding vehicles, HGV restricted roads and illegal off road motorbikes and quads in and around the Drighlington, Gildersome and Churwell areas paying particular attention to specific roads highlighted by community intelligence.  We will conduct regular traffic operations including the use of speed measuring equipment to provide road safety advice and prosecute offenders using Road Traffic legislation and, if appropriate, consider the use of Section 59 Police Reform Act warnings and seizures for the more deliberate and serious offences. 

To conduct proactive patrols in the Ward area to tackle ASB issues being raised by local residents.

Proactive patrols are will be done as and when call demand allows.  Officers will stop and check people acting suspiciously who are seen in an area affected by recent crime.  Any offences they are found committing will be dealt with positively.  So do report any suspicious incidents to the police.  The particular areas of focus according to residents are the derelict Arkle public house at Springfield Avenue.  Church Avenue, Gildersome, near to Street Lane and Town Street junctions for some recently reported ASB involving some local, adult residents.

Updates from ongoing Priorities

General ASB:  We have seen a marked reduction of calls for ASB in the Ward 25 area as a whole.  We are still experiencing some issues with Off -Road motorbikes and we have worked hard to gather information about bike descriptions and rider clothing.  They almost always have face coverings on so we cannot see their faces.  We did recently seize a motorised electric scooter from a male who was not only riding it illegally, but without paying the proper attention to the road.  He’s been reported for relevant offences. 

Speeding and HGV issues:  We have deployed officers on patrols where we can, balanced against conflicting and competing demands in the area.  Officers are paying  attention on the look-out for HGVs and speeding issues whilst on patrol. Both as routine patrols and they have plotted up for a mini operation to tackle this and speeding.  We have stopped a HGV wagon in Gildersome village in the last week, and proof of delivery to the village was produced and so they were not in breach of any of the HGV restrictions.

Ward Area – East Ardsley and Robin Hood updated on 29th December 2022
Covering the area of East Ardsley, West Ardsley, Tingley, Thorpe, Lofthouse & Robin Hood.

Lead Area Sergeant - PS 3486 Hinchcliffe
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 1093 Osborne

We are working to prevent and disrupt ASB and nuisance motorbike usage around the Northfields estate in Carlton. This also overlaps into Rothwell with bikes crossing into the manor estate using the Rothwell Greenway. This problem has become a priority for us in recent months with it generating a number of calls with concern from the public.

We have had some concerns raised by local residents and Councillors in the Tingley and East Ardsley area regards off road bikes and road bikes being driven in an anti-social manner in the area and damaging local green spaces.

ASB and dangerous behaviours around East Ardsley Reservoir.

Updates from Priorities

We have worked with local council / parks departments to review the greenway and we are agreed on some further physical measure to be installed in the coming months to prevent / reduce high speed motorbike usage on the greenway

We continue to pay regular attention to the area in order to deter anti-social motorbike use and we have asked our Leeds district off road bike team to spend more time in the area also.  We are targeting those we find to be involved, we will work with our off-road bike team and Leeds anti-social behaviour team to target this behaviour.


Ward Area – Rothwell updated on 29th December 2022 
Covering the areas of Rothwell, Oulton & Woodlesford

Lead Area Sergeant - PS 3486 Hinchcliffe
Lead Area Problem Solving Officer: PC 316 Owens

To continue to disrupt ASB and engage with youths causing ASB in and around Commercial street, Rothwell, the town centre and Springhead park. We will continue use ASB legislation where necessary to disrupt this behaviour and look to engage with partners to find a long-term solution.

ASB on off road and other motor bikes along the Rothwell Greenway, this is raising problem of the last couple of months and links to issues on the Northfields estate on the Ardsley – Rothwell boarder.

ASB around Lemonroyd Locks and the canal, we have started again to see calls about youths gathering around the locks and weir engaging in asb and also endangering their own health jumping in the canal.

Updates from Priorities

Our community contact van continues to have regular booking in the area were our ASB is occurring and will be parked outside Morrisons, we visited on few times this month and the team also patrol this area on a daily basis, continuing our regular high vis patrols in the area engaging with and dispersing youths involved in ASB.

We have very much focused our attention of this problem some suspects have been dealt with at court for different offences and we have seized several bikes. We are working with with partners in Leeds council ASB team and housing and we will seek to target the tenancy of the families responsible several warnings have been issued.

We have increased our visibility around the locks where police officers are attending on pedal cycles so as to get better access to the areas where this behaviour is happening


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