Wakefield North East

Covering : Airedale, Altofts, Castleford, Featherstone, Ferry Fryston, Glasshoughton, Knottingley, Normanton, Pontefract, Whitwood and surrounding areas.

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Important Notice

Following the implementation of more stringent measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus, all Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings are being held online via Microsoft Teams. Please see our events page for dates and times of the next meeting.

The public can be reassured that we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their safety amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any issues or concerns or anything you would like to raise with your local officers, please get in touch with your Neighbourhood Policing Team, contact details are shown on this website.


Neighbourhood Priorities

To work closely with partner agencies to address the issues of Anti Social Behaviour and crime in the following areas : -


Castleford Town Centre

  • Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Space Protection Order - We are committed to tackling ASB by having a dedicated visible policing team. Working with partner agencies and local businesses to tackle ASB through enforcement and engagement.
  • Address the concerns of the illegal use and dealing of drugs in the Smawthorne Lane / Smawthorne Grove / Valley Gardens and Lower Oxford Street areas. To proactively tackle offenders and work with partners to address behaviour.
  • All Areas - Road Safety- Working with partners and our road policing colleagues we are listening to concerns from the local community regarding road safety in the area. We will be focussing on the Fatal Four (Drink driving, speeding, seatbelts and use of mobile phones) by using enforcement actions and making use of the Speed Indication Device and Pro Laser Speed Gun.

Ward 3B

  • Address the concerns of the illegal use and dealing of drugs on Halfacres, Castleford. To proactively tackle offenders and work with partners to address behaviour.

Normanton & Featherstone

Ward 3

  • Police Priority - To provide crime prevention advice and pro-active patrols to prevent theft from HGV's around the industrial estates.
  • Public Priority - To proactively target speeding vehicles on the Whitwood Estate.

Ward 6

  • Public Priority - Address the concerns of ASB and damage at Purston Park. To identify those involved and work with partners to address behaviour.
  • Police priority - Address the concerns of ASB and damage at Purston Park. To identify those involved and work with partners to address behaviour.

Ward 10

  • Police Priority - Work with partners to divert young people away from ASB around the town centre of Normanton.
  • Public Priority - To provide a visible presence around the town centre and to reduce ASB.


  • Warwick Estate, Kellingley Social Club, Hill Top Shop, Retails Parks Morrisons and Lidl - Tackle youth related ASB utilising partner agencies and ASB Legislation. Promote diversion activities and make early intervention referrals.
  • Knottingley Road, Hill Top, and Stranglands Lane - Tackle the issue of the Fatal 4 ( Speeding, Drink/Drug Driving, Seatbelt and Mobile Phone use) utilising our Roads Policing Unit and partner agencies to conduct traffic operations.
  • Knottingley Ward - Act upon intelligence received in relation to street drug dealing. Exercise search warrants, targeting organised crime groups and bringing offenders to justice with a partnership approach.


  • Pontefract Town Centre - We are committed to tackling ASB in the town centre by having a consistent policing footprint and a designated PCSO. We are working closely with Partner Agencies to tackle ASB and related offences such as vagrancy through both engagement and enforcement tactics.
  • Chequerfield - The geographics of this locality offers several policing challenges from ASB. nuisance bike and drug related offences. We have had an uplift in officers for this location to assist in tackling these problems and we have strong working relationships with both internal and external partners such as Op Matrix and WDH. We are keen to develop a local intelligence picture by working with the community to resolve any issues in a problem solving capacity to make the area safe and feel safer.
  • Shoplifting - We are working intensively with local businesses and our partner agencies to tackle the issue of retail crime within the town centre. We have designated staff who provide a presence and have local knowledge of both the businesses and known offenders in the area. On a daily basis we are connected to local businesses through the retail radio system and CCTV. We promote the Shopwatch system to keep everyone updated of activity in the locality. We proactively look to target repeat offenders and also those that are looking to handle stolen property.


How you can take action...

Report crime
Use the online reporting methods here, or there is more detailed information about reporting crime, and contacting police, on the Contact us page.

Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team
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Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country with over 10 million members. Full details are available in the Neighbourhood Watch section.

Get involved or volunteer
Get involved, volunteer or contact your local team on the contact numbers to see what you can do to help. See more details about Police Volunteers in the recruitment section.

Compliment an officer, or make a complaint
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More information about West Yorkshire Police, policies and procedures
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Wakefield District Community Trigger
A process to help repeat victims of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Wakefield area.
Click here to read more about the Wakefield District Community Trigger.

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