Wakefield North East and Rural

Covering : Airedale, Altofts, Castleford, Crofton, Featherstone, Ferry Fryston, Glasshoughton, Normanton, Ryhill, Walton, Whitwood and surrounding areas.

*** Following the implementation of more stringent measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, all Police and Community Together (PACT) / community meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

The public can be reassured that we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their safety amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any issues or concerns or anything you would like to raise with your local officers, please get in touch with your Neighbourhood Policing Team, contact details are shown on this website.***

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Neighbourhood Priorities

To work closely with partner agencies to address the issues of Anti Social Behaviour and crime in the following areas : -

'Castleford Town Centre - Street Drinkers, Rough Sleepers.'
A Public Spaces Protection Order is now in place. We have enforced this and as such, have seen a distinct improvement in our Town Centre.

'The Square - Airedale - ASB - Young People.'
We have worked closely with our partners to tackle this issue. WDMC have installed CCTV in the square and we have seen a dramatic drop in ASB as a result.

'Airedale - School Parking in and around Popular Ave.'
We are working with WMDC and the Four Schools who all share the same entrance at this location. We have enforced parking regulations by fining offenders. We are also looking at a long term solution to the parking problems at this location.

'Castleford and Airedale - Illegal use of Motorbikes'
We are developing our Op Matrix team so we have more bike cops on the beat for longer. Selecta DNA has helped us imprison two prolific youths. We will continue to use the spray on the offenders to help us bring them to justice and also catch a number of illegal riders by other approaches which we will publish details of at the time on social media and press releases.

'Glasshoughton - Drugs in and around Smawthorne.'
We are gathering intelligence on reports of drug offences in and around this area. We are working closely with the community and our partners to tackle this issue.

'Normanton - Dalefield Area - ASB Young People.'
We recently saw a rise in ASB in this area. As such, we sought a dispersal order and gave a number of young people directions to leave. All the names have been passed to the ASB Officer. We have also made arrests for various offences and investigations continue into those, while we work with our partners to ensure young people are aware that we will not tolerate ASB and there are real consequences for acting in a such a manor.


How you can take action...

Report crime
Use the online reporting methods here, or there is more detailed information about reporting crime, and contacting police, on the Contact us page.

Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team
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West Yorkshire Community Alert
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Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country with over 10 million members. Full details are available in the Neighbourhood Watch section.

Get involved or volunteer
Get involved, volunteer or contact your local team on the contact numbers to see what you can do to help. See more details about Police Volunteers in the recruitment section.

Compliment an officer, or make a complaint
Either contact your local police station or use the online compliment / complaint forms

More information about West Yorkshire Police, policies and procedures
See the Publication Scheme section.

Wakefield District Community Trigger
A process to help repeat victims of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Wakefield area.
Click here to read more about the Wakefield District Community Trigger.

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