Be Cautious When Opening the Door to a Stranger

Monday, 10th June, 2019

Police in Kirklees are warning residents to be cautious when opening the door to a stranger.

Burglars will often target elderly and vulnerable people by knocking on their door and looking to befriend them. They may pretend to be from a trusted organisation such as the ‘gas or water board’, local church or nursing profession in an attempt to trick their way into the house.

Once inside they will then steal money and/or belongings or act as a ‘decoy’ for someone else to get inside and steal items.

They tend to target elderly residents as they are perceived as being more trusting and likely to allow someone into the house.

Detective Inspector Mark Catney of Kirklees CID, said:

“I would encourage people to fit a chain to their door so if someone comes calling you have that protection before deciding whether or not to allow them inside.

“Always think – what is this person doing at my door? If they have not been invited then do they have a legitimate reason for being there?

“Genuine callers should always be prepared to show something that identifies who they are and who they work for. Ask to see it and call the organisation they claim to work for before deciding whether to let them in. Don’t ring a number on the identification but look up a number to check them out.

“If they are genuine then they should not look to hassle or pressure you into letting them in but should be happy to wait whilst you verify who they are.”  

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