Calderdale Crime Prevention

Monday 31 October, 2016

What happens if you’re a victim of a burglary? Who can you speak with to get support and advice on protecting your home or business? 

Well, in Calderdale, supporting the Police Officers and PCSO’s you see day to day, are two dedicated Crime Prevention Officers.  Jill Pilling and Tracey Pritchard

Jill Pilling and Tracey Pritchard have the remit of supporting victims of crime, but also helping everyone take steps to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.  

So, what does a Crime Prevention Officer actually do? 

Jill explains; "Everyone thinks that crime prevention is a bit dull and doesn’t have any real impact, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The majority of burglaries could be prevented, as most offenders are looking for the easy option. A property in darkness, an open window or a mobile phone or gadget left in view of a window is often just the temptation a burglar needs to target your home. 

"Most people think ‘It’ll never happen to me’ but they are often left devastated after an incident, as well as the financial implications of replacing items, people can be left feeling vulnerable and upset. 

"If you take steps to make your home or business less appealing to a burglar, they may just bypass your premises and look elsewhere.  

"That’s where we can help. We can come out to your home or business and offer free advice on which areas could be vulnerable, and the steps you can take to improve security, or make changes to your routine and habits. You need to be making your home looked lived in, even when you are out. Simple things like leaving a low-energy light on a timer to keep your home lit can really have an impact and its relatively simple to implement. 

Jill and Tracey cover the whole district from Todmorden to Hipperholme and Illingworth to Elland and everywhere in between. They can also come to speak to you or your local group about crime prevention, personal safety and cyber-crime. 

Tracey adds; "Now more than ever, people have more gadgets and technology – mostly at home, but also lots of devices they may carry on them when travelling to work or college, or for leisure. They are often left on a work top, in full view of a window, or sometimes tucked under the sofa or behind a cushion. It’s just not enough to deter people determined on taking your stuff. A power lead left plugged in, mobile phone charger or the light on a device could still give away that there is something worth stealing. Hide everything away properly, including the charges and cables in a drawer, or cupboard. Having your phone or tablet stolen could mean you lose all your photos and memories as well as the price of replacing it. Small changes could save you a lot in the long run."  

Even if you haven’t been the victim of a crime, you can still speak to Jill and Tracey about how to make your home or business safer, and less likely to be attractive to a would-be burglar. Maybe you’re concerned about an friend or relative who may need some support in securing their property, or perhaps you’re concerned about someone you know being approached by workmen or cold-callers. These are just some of the things that Jill and Tracey can help with.  

Contact Jill Pilling 07799 58 32 66 or Tracey Pritchard 07736 087 199 or  

by Emailing on [email protected]

If you wish to report a crime or incident, please dial 101 or go online to report crime at 

In an emergency, or where there is a threat to life, always call 999. 

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