Can you help with Operation Steerside?

Operation Steerside

Continuing to uphold standards on the roads of YOUR Town/City and protecting all who use them.

Do you have any recordings* that we can use in the initiative?

Bradford police now have a dedicated email address:

b[email protected]


  • Dash cam recordings
  • Pass on information about illegal drivers or cars
  • Tell us about areas where you think we need to patrol

*minimum video recording requirements..

1. We must be able to obtain a statement from the individual who witnessed the incident and capture the footage.

2. We require full contact details.

3. You must be prepared to attend court.

4. Incidents must be reported within 96 hours of occuring.

5. Footage must clearly identify the vehicle and registration number.

6. Footage to show correct time and date (BST/GMT).

7. Clip must be the original recorded, unedited and provide 30seconds of footage prior to and after the "incident".

8. Clip must not have been posted on-line (social media or elsewhere) and must remain off-line until proceedings are concluded.

If the above criteria is not met then the incident will not be recorded.

Please be aware when displaying details of your own vehicle registration on your dash cam and any captured audio, as we may need to pass your footage on the other driver if it is contested, any personal conversations would be heard by the others.

Be aware that all offences will be dealth with. It is your responsibilty as a driver to uphold the law (i.e - not commit offences yourself).

All decisions are final and we will not enter into a debate over the decision, but please be assured our goal is to take every opportunity to influence future behaviour of wayward road users in the Bradford area.

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