Changes to Neighbourhood Policing Areas in Wakefield District

Monday, 4th September, 2023

The neighbourhood policing areas in Wakefield District are changing to increase visibility of officers in communities and better manage demand across the district. 

The Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) remains unchanged but the existing North East and North West & South NPTs are being replaced with an East NPT and a West NPT. The new structure comes into place from today (Monday, 4 September).  

The following graphic shows the changes but residents can also confirm which NPT area they are now in by checking their postcode at: My neighbourhood | West Yorkshire Police  

Graphic showing the old and new NPT maps

Chief Inspector Emma Hooks said: “Generally, this should have little impact on members of the public living and working in the district. They may have a new neighbourhood inspector, but the sergeants and teams on patrol in their area will remain the same.  

“We do hope that these changes will help us to provide a better service to the public though by reducing travelling time for our officers and, as a result, improving visibility within our communities.”  

The previous neighbourhood policing team structure in Wakefield District was put in place to align the teams with the Wakefield Families Together cluster hubs.  

“We are still committed to working alongside our partners and they have been consulted and kept informed of these changes.   

“We are seeing increased and changing demand across the district though and it is important that we have the right resources in the right places to best manage this demand. Under the previous structure, 40 per cent of the district’s incidents were in one of the NPT areas, whereas these changes will more equally share out this demand,” Chief Inspector Hooks added.   

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