Community Garden Formally Unveiled, Triangle

Friday November 24, 2017

Children from Triangle Church of England School joined forces with local Police Community Support Officer George Serban to transform an unloved village green in to a community garden.

Using funding obtained from Tesco Bags of Help PCSO Serban enlisted the help of the local students to turn the space in to a haven for the community to enjoy.

Triangle Project Launch

Year four and five students, Cllr Geraldine Carter, Cllr Robert Holden, Kirsten Fussing, Tesco Community Champion’s Tracy Smith, Jo Coldwell and Roweena Dunne joined PCSO’s Naomi Bunney, Nick Mance and George Serban as well as PS Saxon from the local Neighborhood Policing Team and District Partnership Funding Officer Lisa Raynor to formally launch and open the garden at the end of October.

Year 4 pupils and their teacher helped out in the garden last Autumn to plant hundreds of daffodil bulbs, as well as decorating the fir tree for Christmas.

PCSO Serban has worked in the area for over a decade and has a passion for making ensuring areas have an identity of their own, and that people from those areas can identify with their local area, as well as understanding and maintaining the vibrant local history. The project has created a much needed focal point for the local residents, and given Triangle a community space that can be used by everyone.

Local residents have also supported the initiative by taking ownership of the planters, making it a real community project.

Triangle Project, Group Picture 1

As a special treat on the day, the children were able to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies whilst listening to PCSO Nick Mance, dressed as Viking story teller read ‘How Loki Tricked The Dwarves in to Making Gifts For the Gods’. The children had been learning about the Vikings in their history lessons.

The symbol etched onto the story telling seats is a Viking symbol called the Valknut; It was chosen because of the interlocking triangle pattern and the link with the children’s lessons.

Local craftsmen Richard Hemingway and John May made the benches and also made the metal Triangle symbol that has been put up behind them.

Trinagle Project Group Pic 2

The ‘Triangle’ was designed to resemble the top of the rush cart from the local Rush Bearing Festival and shows some of the history of the village, including the Guard Goose Dick who patrolled the Triangle Inn grounds in the 1920’s. The steam engine, is a nod to the fact the village once had its own train station and a mill to represent the three flax mills that once stood in the area. Stansfield pond and the fish refers to the area always known as ‘Pond’ by local residents.

The garden also has a stone with the village name and year of dedication inscribed in to it. The stone was provided by local stone mason Brian Books, and is surrounded by flower beds that the children have helped to plant and maintain, and a fir tree donated by local business Tommy Topsoil.

Calderdale council have worked to support the development of the garden by completing much of the heavy work installing various features.

PCSO George Serban Said; “The garden has been developed over a year with dedicated support from the pupils in the school and the invaluable contributions of local residents and businesses. They have all been fantastic with their ideas and efforts in transforming what was here before, to the lovely area we see today.

“It has been fantastic to work with them all, and I am really proud to see their efforts produce such a wonderful space. The children have really shown the best of themselves through their community spirit and efforts.

“I would also like to thank Calderdale Council, and the local crafts people and businesses for their continued support and contributions to making the garden a real community space for everyone to enjoy whilst maintaining and preserving the vibrant local history of Triangle for generations to come.”

Sergeant Bob Saxon of the Valley’s Neighbourhood Policing Team said; “Getting funding to support such a great community initiative has been fantastic, not only because people in the area can now enjoy this fabulous place all year round, but because it has given an extra reason for George and the team to engage with people in the area.”

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