Enable UK – A Reform to Football Policing

Thursday 11 April 2019


West Yorkshire Police have taken the Enable UK football policing approach across the border to Lancashire.


Enable UK is a collaboration between forces, academics, fans representatives and safety officers to reform the approach to policing football fans.


For the first time Police Liaison Officers from West Yorkshire Police worked with Lancashire Police Officers at the Preston North End game against Leeds United on Tuesday night. (April 9)


Chief Superintendent Owen West of West Yorkshire Police said:


‘Enable UK has brought two forces together in a different way to explore reforms in football policing.


‘West Yorkshire Police Liaison Officers worked under the command of Lancashire Police at the Preston North End V Leeds United game on Tuesday.


‘Specially trained liaison officers are now being used in football to meet and greet fans, problem solve and adopt a more community style of policing.


‘This is a national first for Policing and a great step forward in promoting a positive game experience for police and fan relationships.’


Lancashire Constabulary said they were pleased to be working with Enable UK and West Yorkshire Police to better police football and crowded space events.


Superintendent Julian Platt of Lancashire Operations Department said:


‘This is truly a collaborative approach between forces and supported by academic assessment to improve public order policing. What is refreshing is the experience for the public is the primary consideration along with keeping people safe.


‘Throughout this football season and next year the Enable UK work will continue and we look forward to more fantastic public feedback that we are creating great fan experience.’


Amanda Jacks from the Football Supporters’ Federation welcomed the introduction of Enable UK she said:


‘Consistency in how supporters are treated throughout their day is important and should positively impact on behaviour.


‘It is important that it is recognised that first and foremost supporters are ordinary, law abiding members of the public attending a sporting event and their treatment should commensurate with that.’


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