A Force for Good in Our Response

Monday, 22nd May, 2023

People contacting West Yorkshire Police for assistance are getting a helping hand from some web-based software.

GoodSAM was initially adopted by the force to assist with 999 and 101 calls back in January 2021.

With the caller’s consent it allowed our call takers to access the caller’s phone’s camera function, so live video and the caller’s location could be shared from their device.

This assisted with determining response measures.

It is now being used by our officers and staff across the force to assist with victim contact, obtaining footage and completing forms. This assists with our response and makes it easier for callers who might be uncomfortable attending a police station or having police at their house.

Members of the public can use GoodSAM simply by clicking on the link received. There is no need to download an app or create an account.

Recent examples of our officers and staff using GoodSAM successfully, include:

  • A female reported being lost while out walking. She called 999 just as her phone was about to die and received a GoodSAM link which enabled our call takers to see her exact location and send officers to find her
  • A caller uploaded two good quality videos of an affray using the GoodSAM function. This allowed for an investigation to be launched immediately without having to seize the person’s phone
  • A deaf family used GoodSAM to communicate with the police after they reported being victims of hate crime. The chat function was used to arrange an appointment and also to organise the attendance of a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter.



Sergeant Liz Rook, said:

“We have been using GoodSAM in our contact centres since January 2021 and its use continues to increase across the force as the capability of the software improves.  

“It has proved a vital tool on several occasions, particular in concern for safety incidents where the response of the emergency services is often key.

“It is also helping us with investigations, so consultations can take place remotely and at the victim’s convenience, rather than them taking time out of their day to attend at a police station.”

For more information about GoodSAM, please click here



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