Jail and Bail 2017

This Friday, Special Constables from across Leeds are giving up their spare time to help St. Gemma's Hospice - on a fundraising mission with a difference!


Nominated 'criminals' (local business people) across Leeds will be 'arrested' by our Special Constables at their place of work and taken to Leeds Town Hall where they will appear before a ‘Judge’ and charged with a ‘crime’. In the past, ‘crimes’ have included wearing a silly tie, making terrible coffee and crazy dancing at the office party! After being found guilty at a mock trial, participants will be taken to the old Victorian cells. The only means of escape from the cells is to show evidence of aiming to raise £500 or more bail money. This can be raised in advance so they are not ‘locked up’ for too long!


The event will take place in the morning on Friday 13 October and takes just a few hours out of the working day!


Jail & Bail is one of St. Gemma's popular fundraising events. It’s lots of fun, attracts positive publicity and raises around £10,000 -12,000 which is enough money to fund the care of two Leeds people who are referred to their services.


You might have experienced the dedication of their nursing team, but did you know that they often get involved with fundraising to support the hospice too? Community Nurse Kathy is heading to Jail on Friday for committing the crime of being an office pen thief! Help raise her bail money for #JailandBail2017 to support patient care: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JailandBail2017

Jail and Bail was a huge success last year!
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