LOWER VALLEY - Partnership Priority Update

To work closely with partner agencies and community members to address the issue of road safety and speed enforcement throughout the Lower Valley including Operation Close Pass

29/07 - Team 1 and team 3 NPT officers worked together and carried out speed checks on Halifax Road and Cooper Lane, Shelf. Multiple people were stopped and tickets issued for a variety of offences.

03/08 - Team 2 NPT officers, PC 1572 Johnson and PC 1969 Clough were on mobile patrol in Lightcliffe when they sighted a moped driving towards them on Wakefield Road. The moped was being ridden by a male wearing a helmet and was carrying a pillion passenger without a helmet.

Upon sighting the Police the rider of the moped attempted to evade the Police by turning sharply into a side street. Officers make attempts to stop the vehicle but the moped failed to stop. After a short pursuit the moped was stopped and the rider detained.

The rider, a 16 year old male has been reported for the offences of having no insurance and no licence. The moped was seized and will most likely be crushed.

05/08 – Team 2 NPT officers PCSO's Mance and Hirst responded to a call regarding a mini moto being driven around Stainland recreation ground.

On approaching the village a male was seen to be freewheeling down the road on a mini motorcycle away from that area.

The mini moto was abandoned and youth made off. The bike was seized and will be sent for destruction




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